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If you want to end the reign of fear of Rush Limbaugh over the radio waves of America, add your name to the (your name here) fields and send to, and pass this on to anyone you think would also like to see Rush pay for his years of anti-social behavior.

He may be under contract for hundreds of millions of dollars, but all contracts have an out clause, and clear channel will not lose significant radio dominance in any market should they lose Rush completely. Let’s get rid of this bum Limbaugh.

Let them know we have had enough.  If enough of us do it, it will send the message to clear channel that no one is more important than the listeners, and that we have had enough of this crazy man.


I, (your name here) have for years listened to the radio, and a great many of the stations I listen to now are clear channel stations.  The Rush Limbaugh radio show is syndicated by the Clear channel communications.  If you do not terminate the contract of Rush Limbaugh for his anti-social rant against Sandra Fluke, half-hearted apology notwithstanding, I will no longer listen to ANY clear channel radio stations, until such time as you terminate your syndication of any and all Rush Limbaugh broadcasts, anywhere on any of your networks.

There are millions like me, ignore us and our money at your own peril.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a nice day,  Sincerely,

(Your Name Here)


Add text of your own as you choose, make it your own!

Do I think enough people will do this to make a difference?  All I will say is, “A man can dream.”

That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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