Simple Answers To Stupid Questions

Question 1:  How do we stop the children of America from getting fat?

Answer:  Stop teaching your children to eat shitty food.  If you were better parents, your kids would not be fat.

And the reason I say that, as harshly as I did is to make a simple point.  We can and in fact should say these things to one another, even if they aren’t the things we want to hear.  Although maybe not exactly the way I just did.  What we should not accept is government control over the industries, not to the point where some simple food vendor trying to make a living off of his food truck isn’t allowed to operate where he normally does, thus cutting his business.

A law that does just that is being proposed in California’s legislature, putting even more stringent rules in place for food vendors there than exist for vendors of legal marijuana in the state as far as where they can sell their food.  It’s almost like food vendors are being blamed and punished for the sin of trying to feed people and make money.  Over-officious jerks.

The real problem that creates obesity isn’t food trucks, or their zoning which is what this proposed bill.  It’s too much food and not enough exercise and parents who are either not there when the kids get their food, or are just too tired to do much of anything but just buy them whatever crap is easiest for them to get.

And really, if you didn’t eat like such a friggin gavone, maybe your kid wouldn’t resemble porky fucking pig.  Learn portion control. And more apples and less Twinkies, dammit!  🙂


Pic of the day: Sense of Taste;  By Jan Brueghel and Peter Paul Rubens


Question 2: What do you do if someone calls you a slut and a prostitute?

Answer: Beat the shit out of them.

No one has beaten Rush Limbaugh’s ass yet for doing just that on his radio show a few days ago. And no one will. Don’t think anyone, short of Sandra Fluke’s father and mother maybe, actually wants to.

His advertisers however are doing it for them.  A few of them have left the one time radio giants list of advertisers. And as we know radio is built on the medium of advertising.  Rush would shrivel up and die without it.  And he knows it.  It is why he has given the semi-apology that he has given.

The punk should learn to grovel a bit more.  He fucked up, again, and frankly we Americans are sick of his childish bullshit.  He should go to that place where Glenn Beck has been relegated to.  Wherever that is.  Haven’t seen nor heard from the man since the day he left Fox news.

And the best part is, that in this apology, this sonofabitch says he was speaking “in an attempt to be humorous.”  One word.  Bullshit.  Flippant self aggrandizing bullshit if you want to put a finer point to it. I’m not buying it, and it’s all he has to sell.  Anytime anyone tries to sell that “I was only joking” bullshit is to cover their asses when they fuck up and know it,  and hope the excuse will maybe get someone to cut them some slack because it worked at some point in history.

When?  I dunno.  I’m not Kreskin, I can’t answer every question, and I don’t want to.


Question 3:  Why are you in such a bad mood, cursing and getting all bent out of shape, Mike?

Answer:  I’m not, this is me happy.  I talk and write like this when I’m in a good mood.  If I was in a bad mood, I would work out why I was in a bad mood, then fix the problem, then write about it in great detail here.  Nothing personal, hence no bad mood.

Plus, writing about stupid legislation and people is fun!


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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