Two Stories

I stared intelligently at the page, hoping that the intelligent look would somehow translate into intelligent action.

Nothing would come though.

I was vaguely annoyed, because it is difficult to be precisely annoyed at something that you cannot quite put your finger on.

Then I realized what the hell the problem was.  And it was pretty simple.

Staring intelligently at anything, while there is nary a thought in mind, doesn’t get anything done.

So I sat and thought and a picture formed in my mind.  Words began to form, swirl in a maelstrom of emotion, and this is what came out…


A fight broke out ahead of us, near the entrance of the bar as we were leaving after hanging out for a quick post parade drink .  A small pack of us, 5 to be exact, were moving single file through the packed cramped dimly lit bar, or were trying to, when the fight that began like fights in bars usually do, some guy said something about some girl or some such, and things escalated and reached us in a few seconds.

There was a movement in the crowd, someone coming towards us from that direction, while I lead the group trying to get out the door moving towards the disturbance.  There was nowhere to go.  The smell of beer, whiskey, and something which I could not readily recognize filled my nostrils right until the moment I got hit.

It was a good shot, a straight right, right in the bridge of the nose.  Right between the eyes.  Felt like I got nailed with a brick.  I was stunned momentarily, or felt like it.  I kept moving forward as best I could.  I got lucky and grabbed the arm that struck me.  Lucky for me, not for him.  He tried to swing again with his left, but I used an simple old trick I had learned years before.  I threw a straight right palm heel at his face while pulling him towards me with my left.

I’m not a big guy, but neither was he, and the combination of momentum and punch put the bastard on the floor.  But the grasp on his right arm with my left, combined with momentum pulled me off kilter, and I leaned forward.  While fighting to just stay on my feet, I released his arm and pulled mine away before he had a chance to grab me in return and pull me to the ground and turn the whole damn thing into a messy ground fight.  A hand from behind grasped the back of my jacket and helped keep me upright and aimed towards the door.

“What the fuck?”  yelled Tom, the biggest guy I was hanging out with just behind me as he pulled me upright.  “Want me on point, George?” He barked.  I never got a chance to answer because the guy who I hit was struggling to get up, and was swinging as he did it, or trying to.  It’s hard to swing from your back, and I had the advantage of being on my feet, so I stepped on him a few times. First on his right thigh, and then his stomach, then an arm, then his chest while he clawed at my legs and tried in vain to hit me, yelling the whole time.  I thought I felt something hit my left leg, but It didn’t seem like much.

I wiped my feet on him like he was a carpet.

I looked at him and said “Cut the shit.  I’m out.  Asshole.  Let’s go fellas.” Adrenaline had made talk more complex than that impossible, and I felt like shit.  With my face beginning to throb, I walked shaking, blood slowly dripping down my face from the shot to my nose, out of the bar, with people staring at me the whole way, none too pleased with us as we neared the point where the first fight happened a few seconds before…

to be continued?  perhaps…


And now for something completely different…

The amount of rainfall was tremendous.  The wind was absolutely astounding.  Soaked to the bone, completely waterlogged, drenched.  I was to say the least wet.  If I left the house weighing 165 pounds, I came back weighing 175, such was the amount of water that my clothing absorbed.

Twenty minutes before I left the house the rain had yet to start.  It did look like it was getting ready to but it had not started yet, and the forecast and the radar didn’t really look all that bad, so I wasn’t worried about it.  When I left the house the rain was not falling all that hard.  I didn’t give it a second thought.

The deluge began in earnest as I got to the park to run the first of 5 laps.  The wind as it comes through the park acts curiously thanks to the valley walls and how and where they are situated.  The park path layout is roughly oval shaped, and I enter the park from it’s northwestern edge.  The upshot of this is that I run in to the teeth of the wind as I enter the park, due to the way the wind interacts with the valley.

I got soaked and slowed down during today’s 10.9 mile run.  Thirty nine degrees and twenty plus mph winds in heavy rain is kinda hard to run fast in.  Rain runs are usually fun but conditions today were a bit much, even for me.  I was going to go shorter today, but decided to try for a longer run today, because of the 12 days I had missed in February.  I was short mileage. I was hoping for another 200 mile month, but all those days off made even a 100 mile month a question mark.  Happy to have made the 100 mile mark.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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