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Pic of the day:  Mister Pertuiset The Lion Hunter, By Edouard Manet


Guns don’t kill people, people do.  Well, guns do kill people, but they have to be in the hands of people for that to happen, obviously.  So how do we stop people from killing people with guns? Take guns away from people? NO!  That’ll never work, the people who like guns will bitch like the bitches that they are that their rights are being trampled on.  Might be true, might not be.  Dunno.

I’ve lived all my life without a gun, and only once was on the wrong end of one.  It sucked but the incident did not change my mind on how to handle the usage of the damn things.

But that is neither here nor there.  The question still remains, how do we stop people from killing each other with the damn things? Can’t make the guns illegal, people will bitch, plus, ya might need the damn things at some point.  Can’t make the bullets illegal, that’s just dumb, makes them useless, and like I said, ya might need them at some point.

What to do? Nothing?  No, you can’t do nothing. To give up the fight against violence, which happens to be a personal favorite oxymoron of mine, is not an option.  We have a right to protect ourselves, to be safe and secure as we see fit.  And regardless of what you may think, there are people who feel safer with guns than without.  And it would be selfish to take away from them what is theirs, their peace and serenity.

More laws? No, that doesn’t work, all that does is shift the burden to the government, to police, and to the courts which are already overburdened to begin with.  Making more laws against guns and the people who use them makes as much sense as doing the same thing to abortion doctors and women.  You cannot stop violence any more than you can stop abortion.  Humans will do as they please.

I would make more analogies between abortion legislation (or some other legislation) and gun legislation but they don’t really work.  Analogies rarely do exactly what they are intended to, especially when placed in a legal context.

There is not an easy answer anywhere no matter how you slice it.

Convince people to be more ethical and less violent?  The only people who would listen would be the people who already have a handle on their urges.  Preaching to the choir might feel good, but it doesn’t actually fix anything.  Jared Loughner would never have been convinced with words to stop his evil ways, any more than any other nut who shoots strangers, or people they know or whatever.

The only way to stop it is to see the crazy before it shows up and nip it in  the bud there.  Take away the impetus that these crazy people feel that makes them want to shoot people, and they won’t do it (hopefully.)  Not everyone can be reached, there is simply no way to be able to know where and when and how crazy will show up.

Good luck figuring out how to do that.  I’m sure that even Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi would have had hard time with that.

If we were good at doing it, Jared Loughner never would have shot Rep. Giffords.  Those kids that got their asses shot off in Ohio today would never have gotten shot, and the parents of the dead child would not have to bury their child far before that child’s time.

Better parenting and teaching  responsibility and being responsible might help, but it might not.  Like I said, some people just can’t be reached.


Just as the good actor perform well whatever role the poet assigns, so too must the good man perform whatever Fortune assigns. For she, says Bion, just like a poet, sometimes assigns the leading role, sometimes that of the supporting role; sometimes that of a king, sometimes that of a beggar. Do not, therefore, being a supporting actor, desire the role of the lead.

Bion of Borysthenes


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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