You Can Call Me A Warmist, I Like Being Warm

Mistakes get made, every single day. Some mistakes are minor, like forgetting to wear your watch when leaving for work. Some are less than minor. The mistake I am going to talk about I think is minor, but it is a mistake that will set off the dog-whistle alarm and alarmists all over the place.

Apparently today during an interview with Andrea Mitchell, Rick Santorum’s spokeswoman Alice Stewart used the words ” radical Islamic policies” when speaking about the President’s “phony theology” of “global warmists.”

Now, to her credit, Alice called the show later on and apologized for the remark, stating to the fine folks at MSNBC that she meant to say “Radical environmental policies.” Personally I think she should apologize for using the words “global warmists.” Warmist sounds like a group of people who… I dunno… like being warm? Since when exactly is that a bad thing?

You can call me a warmist, I like being warm.

Srsly tho, I am one of the people she is referring to, and frankly, if you are going to call me names, at the very least, could you call me names that aren’t so damned stupid sounding? Phony theology is a line that is a dog-whistle line meant to point out that Ricky the vest is a religious guy. And to be honest it sounds pretty damned elitist. His radical Islamic policies is such a silly thing that the only people that believe it are the psychopaths who think he was born in Uganda, or on Mars or wherever these malformed sub-human think the President was actually born.

It is very dog-whistle though, and while it is probably a mistake, it will also serve to call out the tea party Nazi motherfuckers who will vote against the President because… let’s be blunt and use the blunt language necessary to this. It’ll serve to speak to the people out there who will not vote for a n*gg*r. Because that is what that is about.

And plus, the planet IS warmer. Wherever you are, stick your head out your window. Chances are, it’s warmer than normal. It’s been like that all winter. All winter. Just like it was last summer, and last fall, and last spring. And 2010, and 2009, and 2008. Check the numbers, the proof is outside your window. And when I say your window, I mean your window, whether you are in India or Java; South Africa or Sweden; Beaumont, Texas or Bellevue, Washington


[W]hen we look at the graphs of rising ocean temperatures, rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and so on, we know that they are climbing far more steeply than can be accounted for by the natural oscillation of the weather … What people (must) do is to change their behavior and their attitudes … If we do care about our grandchildren then we have to do something, and we have to demand that our governments do something.

David Attenborough


Rick Santorum’s numbers have yet to drop. That is pretty surprising. With the volatility of things right now politically for the Republicans it is a surprise that Santorum’s numbers have not dropped, or that Romney’s or Gingrich haven’t done anything worth mentioning to try to cut into his numbers.

But then again, from a Conservative perspective there isn’t much to attack. The guy is the conservative’s conservative. Gingrich is focusing on attacking the President, because there really isn’t much for him to attack on Santorum. His social conservationism is something that Gingrich, with his divorces and his monied interests and his Tiffany’s crap, cannot touch. Romney can’t touch him, with his record as a job destroyer.

Obama vs. Santorum in November sounds like it could happen, but then again the road ahead is long, and there are many miles yet to travel before this is done.

If I were a betting man I’d take Obama and the over, but that’s just me.


Pic of the day: View of Sierra Nevada near camp Independence, California


As for my radical islamic… err… environmental policies, they’re pretty simple. The air in Manhattan is brown in the summer. The weather keeps getting warmer. So my policy is to not break out the cold weather clothes if I don’t have to, and to keep the tank tops ready, just in case it gets warm enough out to not need a jacket or heavier shirt. Friday’s gonna be one of those days.

It’s supposed to hit 60 degrees on Friday.

In New York.

In February.

Now if that ain’t proof to you that we the human race broke the damn sky, a 60 degree day in winter in New York, you need to rethink what constitutes proof.

Or stop doing drugs. Which ever one is easier for you.


That’s it from here, America. G’night.


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