Quiet Thunder

The quietest thunder is dancing across the speakers of my computer right now.  One reason it is quiet is the fact that my computer speakers are not very loud.  I think it is kind of odd listening to metal at a relatively low volume, but then again it may just be me.  I have tinnitus, meaning my ears constantly ring, so it could in fact be loud to other people.  To me it’s only loud if you cannot hear anything else, and are able to feel the music  physically shake you. And these speakers, smaller than my wallet, are clearly not capable of that.

It makes Mastodon sound smaller than they are, but if you read my second sentence, you’ll notice I said One reason.  The other is that my wife is working, and I am writing and trying to concentrate, so I can’t have it too loud, or else I would not be writing, I would be up out of my chair thrashing.  And that isn’t conducive to writing.

Dammit.  I must be getting old or something.


Pic of the day:  Personnage écrivant (writing person)  by Louis Marcoussis


Speaking of writing, I am going to have to write an outline for the the story I am writing, nearly 9,000 words in.  I’ve frankly gotten stuck for stuff to do,  not writers block per se.   Properly put, I have ideas, but no semblance of order to them.  I want to add an antagonist as antagonist (rather than just showing the protagonist beat himself up, which has been the story so far), and it is time to pick from several potential ones that I have introduced earlier in the story, but am stuck as to which one to pick, as each character will affect the story arc significantly.

I already have the buddy for the protagonist picked out, but I have at 6 different people I could toss in, or I could use a few of them to act as antagonists for the rest of the story.  But I also need the boundaries of an outline to give the story the coherence and structure it needs.

I was hoping for 1000 words a day with this story, and at this point I am 6000 words behind schedule, but with a good outline I can more than make up for that lack. With any luck I can kill the protagonist before February is done.


I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.

Douglas Adams


The U.N has adopted a resolution condemning Syria for its attacks on its own citizens, and asking that President Al -Assad step down.

Iran is talking negotiations with the west regarding it’s nuclear program.

China’s Vice President is here visiting the states, having visited the pentagon and congress.

New Jersey has just OK’d gay marriage.

Rick Santorum is opening up a large lead on Mitt Romney in national polling, and is giving as good as he is getting from Mitt.

Regulators are targeting credit reporting firms.

And do you want to know what’s on the cover of the New York newspapers?

Big Dead Whitney Fucking Houston.

Idiots.  There is an entire world outside of the entertainment field.  You’d think journalists, or alleged ones would have figured that out.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

Minor edit, one line added to 4th paragraph 6:32 am 2/17/12


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