Single Lines

It’s 10:23pm on Friday February 10th.

A lot happened today,

Not much that is noteworthy, but it kept me busy.

I woke up late for a Friday, 8:30 am.

Would have been up by 6 am had I had work, but I wasn’t busy doing work for money,

It’d have been nice had I been, but such is my life.

There was no pain for the first time in days,

Pretty happy about that.

My gut felt normal,

My head felt normal,

As normal as it can feel anyway,

Legs weren’t barking at me.

Had my coffee and did the things that men do when they awaken,

Prepare for the day ahead,

Supplies are ready, everything powered up and topped off.

Read a bit of news, stocks will open down.

I smile at that, the world depends on these people too much, when they lose it feels good,

We can stand on our own just fine, we don’t need them, or their money.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Single lines

written for myself

feels right


– – – – – – – – – – – –

Pic of the day:  Ansel Adams, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Lake

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Get my things ready for the trek to the store,

Cell phone, in case the wife needs or wants something,

Music, to keep me company on the mile and a half walk to the store,

Hat and gloves to keep head and hands from getting overly cold.

The walk down is uneventful,

Buy the things we need, nothing else, wants are not met, needs only,

30 minutes, 36 items, 56 dollars

Done there.  Walk home.

Put things away, read more news,

CPAC is funny, so I giggle at it,

Anonymous hacked the CIA, think that’s cool, need more of that

CIA likes surveilling too damned much,

We need a counterweight to counter their strength,

because they can use it against us at will.

Thanks Anon.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Put run clothes on as I think that.

Walk to the park to run,

Get to the park to run,

and it hurts like hell to run,

So I cut the run short, and curse about it to myself the whole way home.

Less than 6 miles,

Stupid hamstrings, I can feel the knot in it,

I know it’s small, but it feels like a golf ball in my leg,


Walk home slowly, gingerly,

annoyed at the Asian woman with the stroller who is keeping up with me, stride for stride for half a block,

I am in no mood for company, it is an angry pain,

So I stare at her, cold stare,

I think she notices, and stops to do something with the stroller

to avoid being stared at by me perhaps

Snarl in pain as I walk faster to get away from her.

Feels good, even if I know I’m treating her wrong.

Get home, limp up the stairs, sit down at the computer

Write a few words, angry words at my pain,

and then I tell the pain to go away,

It doesn’t.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Read another news story,

Sotheby’s and the art handlers they kicked out are closer to making a deal.

Hope they get a deal done soon.

I want to go there and see these people working,

They want to work,

Sotheby’s doesn’t want them to,

It’s that simple.

Maybe if things go well I can get a job there.

Loved working there when I did,

Best job I ever had,

And I want it back.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night


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