Jim DeMint is an idiot.  Now, those of us with brains in our heads knew that from the get go, but I say it as much to start a point as to pound the truth of the statement further into the consciousness of America.

Jimmy boy says “we” meaning conservatives, don’t have shared goals with the rest of America.  And he used a football analogy to make his point at


this years annual CPAC meeting in DC.   Referencing the Super Bowl he made the following statement:

“I can guarantee you Coach Coughlin did not tell his Giants to go out on the field and work with those other guys. They weren’t cooperating with Tom Brady… The two teams had different goals. The Patriots were there to beat the other guys.”

Score one for Minty Jim, he knows football.  But he misses a larger point.  And it is an extraordinarily simple one.  Football teams are at war with one another essentially, trying to beat the snot out of the other guys.  We are all Americans. Liberals and other non conservatives are not trying to beat the crap out of the conservatives, we are not trying to make them ineffective at doing what they want to do.  We generally want to live, and live free. To enjoy the freedoms as expressed in our founding documents.

We don’t want to make conservatives lose, we just want to live.  Pretty fucking simple, right?  Jim bob doesn’t get that, or doesn’t care, or likes pandering to the weak-minded assholes at CPAC.

Now the Minty one saying that compromise works well when there are shared goals, and that conservatives and Democrats don’t have shared goals is nothing more than dumb ass just throwing red meat to his trained bitches over at CPAC on this one.

Because he knows, and we know that we very much DO have shared goals.  We, meaning  cons and libs (and everyone else frankly) want to make government work.  We want a better life for us and our children and our children’s children.  We want to keep America great.  We want business in America to be strong and free.  We want our freedoms kept safe.  We want a strong America.

Now, how we go about that?  Ya, we have vast differences of opinion over this.  Minty seems to think that it is OK to make it seem that these differences of opinion ARE the goals, when they not goals but agendas created by political machines, and more in keeping with the ranting of ideologues and other psychopaths rather than sound political thinking for the people of this great nation, ALL the people.

Our shared goal, if you must insist on this foolishness, oh Minty one, is the betterment of the nation.  It would be nice if you tried to do something in that vein instead of being such a damned ideologue.


Pic of the day:  The Card Players, by Paul Cezanne


Do not think of knocking out another person’s brains because he differs in opinion from you. It would be as rational to knock yourself on the head because you differ from yourself ten years ago.

James Burgh (1754)


And to be honest the differences on a negative level are not that great between liberals and conservatives.  Both conservatives and liberals voted for the FISA revision, for the NDAA, for warrantless wiretapping.  Both have done much damage to our liberties with these actions, and will continue to do so.  Most are there to feed the machine, like Minty.

Few indeed are the  true heroes of Washington, who stand up not only for the people by throwing them red meat, and occasionally a bone when they really need something, but who are strong enough to stand up to these clear violations of the rights of the citizenry, like the above mentioned legislation, or ACTA.

Minty doesn’t care about that though.  He is more interested in telling conservatives that they are in a knockdown, drag-out bloody mess of a fight with their countrymen.

Presumably it was an applause line.  One hopes so.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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