Late Night Idle Talk Strikes Back

Roddy seems intent on the television.  There is just a picture.  Almost no movement, no sound.  But watch long enough, and he sees the smallest movement, and reacts. Eyes light up, body springs to attention.  Notices something like him on the other side of the screen. Something ready to fight.

A foot moves a half an inch and he is on it.  Nothing escapes his watch.  Four eyes, two each from two opponents on the screen lock onto each other.  And then they leap and the fight begins.  One stays high ready to strike like lightning, the other goes low, drawing his opponent in.  Legs flying, teeth set in an angry snarl, the fighters clash, high fighter aiming low to hit his opponent, low fighter striking upwards in an attempt to bring his opponent to him.

Roddy sees it all, watching, waiting, anticipating each move with eyes locked like lasers on a stationary target.  Then his attention is stolen away by a piece of string.

He can’t help it though, he’s only a cat.  A cat who a moment ago was watching two cats fight on screen.  He turns again to watch, but seeing no fighting, licks his paws while keeping his attention on the screen.

Happy cat.


Pic of the day: Cats with young in Garden, 12th century


Walking through the park in the late afternoon, trying to find something.

Something like an epiphany, like a moment of clarity, like a turning point.

Turning towards what?

A better life, a happier world, a feeling of peace.

Can’t find it, but the search is key.

If there is no search, there can be no find.

It will happen in time.

In time.

Not concerned.

There is always tomorrow.


It seems that all of these lately have become “Idle talk” type of articles.  There is much less in the way of news, business, and political commentary and much more of a sharp focus on personal issues in my life.  Very much the diary almost, and for good reason.  Much of my focus over the last few months has turned inward, with the health issues and eventual and untimely death of my father.

I simply have not had the wherewithal to look as pointedly at politics and other worldly issues as I used to.  I don’t think that will stay that way, there is far too much at stake in the 4 year election cycle as it currently exists.

But for those of you who grew used to my usual rants I have a message.  You know me and my anger towards the use of the term socialism (among other terms) and its use in PC society as some sort of pejorative term used by those Un-American NEOCON (aka tea party) asshats against those of us who would stand up to a system that crushes real freedom.  You know about my urge to sharp and angry criticism of government abuse of freedom in the form of ACTA, FISA, the latest NDAA, the Patriot act and it’s other kith and kin.

Well, get ready.  It is going to hit the fan pretty soon. I’m getting the urge to start a fire.

Romney is the devil, and I’m gonna nail this bastard to the wall for it.  He’s got a plan to get America back to work alright.  You’ll make minimum wage, need 3 jobs to pay your bills and you’ll have no time to live, but you’ll be working.  And this he’ll call progress, the fucking psychopath.

Someone needs to tell Mitt the economy is coming back, no thanks to him or his Republican friends.

A quick political aside.

I love polls, sometimes they are amazingly accurate, sometimes they simply show the wants of the pollster in question.  Read one that caught my eye, or tried to.  They would not let me read it, you have to subscribe to get results to the poll.  Which is bullshit.  No other pollster does that.  Done simply to get subscribers.  But then again the people at Rasmussen always were assholes.

The only info they gave was that in a national election, if it were held today, Rick Santorum would beat Barack Obama.  I guffawed at this.  Santorum, in polls done by other Republican pollsters, losses by upwards of 9 points. Less partisan polls give Obama an 11-15 point edge.

Polling for Romney is closer, with the President generally beating him by a few points, but losing in a few more partisan polls.  No surprises just yet polling wise.  More on this subject later.


The writer is a spiritual anarchist, as in the depth of his soul every man is. He is discontented with everything and everybody. The writer is everybody’s best friend and only true enemy — the good and great enemy. He neither walks with the multitude nor cheers with them. The writer who is a writer is a rebel who never stops.

William Saroyan, The William Saroyan reader


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

Minor edit, two words removed, two spacing issues dealt with, 11:19 am 2/5/12


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