Oh, Happy Day!

I like the sound of Garrison Keiller’s voice, for a number of reasons. I have never read any of his books, but I listen to the mans voice every day doing his readings for the Writer’s Almanac, and once a week doing his Lake Wobegon radio show. His stories and the sound of his voice have a soothing quality that makes you think “Ya know, everything is going to be alright.”

I need to hear that every once in a while, I think everyone does to be realistic about it. Today was one of those days for me. It just started funny, almost walked into the bedpost twice as soon as I got up. I’m usually wobbly when I first waken, but today was a bit worse than normal. I stumbled to the bathroom to… well I don’t need to mention everything that I do, now do I?

Good, because I don’t remember what the hell it was I did anyway. Something… biological, one presumes.


After sorting out what the hell I had to do, I made coffee and fed cats. I’m happy with the order I did this in because the cats weren’t caffeinated and I didn’t get to find out what the cats wet food tastes like. Works for me. I liked it so much I had a second cup of coffee. In the morning proceedings though I seem to have forgotten to give the cats water. They kinda need that. And my cat Minky is ill and needs medicine. I forgot that as well.

Damn, guess that second cup of coffee didn’t quite have the desired effect, now did it? Nope. And as I left for work in the morning, after realizing I forgot the medicine for the cat (the water situation didn’t even reveal itself to me until after I got home from work,) I also realized that I forgot my kindle. The kindle which I read on the train and the bus and the boat on my way to work, the kindle with all the books I am reading on how to become a better writer and a better author.

Too bad I didn’t have anything on how to not forget shit. But wait… I’d have forgotten that as well.

On the way in things went without incident. At work though things started un-well for me. 3 minutes into my work day I accidentally hit my boss with a ladder. Always a good way to garner points with the boss when trying to get hired on a permanent basis. The day after that was a slow dance with the dumb.

Stabbed myself in the fingers on a number of occasions. Despite the fact that at times I was wearing protective gloves (most of the day, actually.) When it came time to work with the finger stabbing stuff however (which looked like it could do that,) I had them off. And on my person, within easy reach. Joy.

Had one occasion where I walked into a room 3 times looking for one thing, and missed it despite the fact that at one point I had actually rested my stuff on it, while looking for it. The thing was the size of a table, it was on a table, and I was literally staring at it for a while before I realized I was even looking at it.

A note: Just because a human has a brain and eyes does not mean they know how to use them.

Wrote my bosses boss an-e-mail after this productively stupid day, asking if there was any work for next week. I usually get a response pretty quick one way or the other. I didn’t get one at all today. Nice. Ya see kids, good impressions are easy to make. Bad ones are even easier to make.

Hope there’s work at some point. Mikey needs money.


Pic of the day: A One Dollar Silver Certificate. Money. The reason we do all this shit we hate doing for people we wouldn’t ordinarily associate with. A picture of the real reason for the pain in all our lives. Evil incarnate.


When I got home I was going to really quick have a cup of coffee, head out and run, then relax and make pizza for dinner. Nope. Wife decided that tonight we were doing taxes. OK, I had a hand in the damned decision. It was not my idea, but I don’t mind too much. So I decide to take one for the team, and not run, and do it. It has to get done, why not do it early.

The next two hours were a damned nightmare. Both of us bitching, all sorts of unhappy, at the IRS, at me for not getting enough federal taxes taken out, at fate in general and our financial lot in particular. For the first time ever I have to pay federal and state. I’ve been working and doing taxes for 26 years. Always had that kinda good luck with this. Always did well, always paid too much and got back money at the end of the year.

Not this year. I knew there might be trouble when two jobs I had early last year took no federal taxes out of my first check each. These two jobs paid me a total of about $3,816 for the very limited work that I did for them. You want to know how much they took out in federal taxes on that entire $3800+?

Take a guess, I’m telling you, you’ll never guess.

OK, i’ll tell ya.


That, for those playing at home is a tax rate of ONE AND A HALF PERCENT.

No wonder I’m paying this year. These people didn’t want me paying taxes, despite the fact that I want to pay my fair damn share. And what happens? I get screwed because of their bass ackwards bullshit

And since both jobs were part-time/ low paying jobs, the lack of federal paid was really not helping my bottom line then, and it’s kicking my ass now.

And on top of it all, I didn’t run tonight.

Fuck, and other such statements.

At least the pizza I decided to make for my wife and I came out fine.


That’s it from here, America. G’night.


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