Love And A Headache

Work was good today.  I got to do about my favorite thing at work.  Lift.  I like the mundane manual labor, I don’t know why.  Maybe it has something to do with working like a dog doing crap work at copy machines for 20 years, not having much in the way of manual labor, being constantly frustrated by the work, and the people, and having no outlet with which to release any of that anger or energy.

The manual labor lets me release some tension, helps me get crap out of my system.  But sometimes I can get carried away with doing it.

Gave myself a damn headache doing it.  I don’t know if it was actually the work that gave me the headache.  Could be some silly odd variation on an EIH (exercise induced headache) Or maybe it was me starting to ruminate about the transient nature of the work I am doing, and the fact that there are only a few jobs, 10 at most available for permanent hires, and there are something like 40 something people up for those jobs that did me in.  Or the lack of caffeine. but something did it.

Maybe it’s the upcoming Florida primary that did it.  Maybe it’s trying to figure out how much more writing I have on the now over 8,000 word run story I am writing that did it.  Maybe it’s trying to put together a premise for next months story of the month.

– – – – – – – –

Fuck, I dunno.  The work was good, tho, despite the headache.  We got a lot done.  6 rooms worth of furniture, packed tighter than sardines in a can.  Had to be over 100 chairs.  4 beds, 20- 30 some odd tables and hutches and stands and other such pieces of furniture.

Got a lot done.  That felt good.  Feels good knowing that people appreciate the work that I and the people whom I help do.  That is a nice feeling, one I cannot simply get over. I never had it for 20+ years as an office grunt, it is marvel to behold now that I see it.

Never get sick of that, it’s part of why I love the job.  People care.  They like it.  That is a rare enough thing in this world.


And I am fairly happy with how the run story is going, still haven’t read it through though.  Like I said 8,000+ words and counting.  I am also working on a plot for a short story, fiction piece, might be a little while though.  I’ll let you know what’s up with that as soon as I get the plot points worked out in finer detail.


Pic of the day:  Dragon, by Katsushika Hokusai


That’s about it from here, America.  G’night.


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