A Good Fit

The moment of truth is coming.  My moment of truth.  On March 1st the place where I work as a freelance art handler will make their decision as far as which art handlers they are going to bring on full time.  They have something like 11 spots open, and 40 something odd candidates to fill them. And most of those who do not make the cut as full time employees will be released.

Now I know there are better people there than me, but there are a number of positions open, and there are many people who, at least to my face, have said they would do what they could to get me on board, have spoken well of me both to me and to the bosses who run the place according to them, and said that I was  a good fit for the workplace.

Do I think that translates into a full time permanent job?  Of course not.  I think that translates into either people telling me what they think I want to hear, or people telling what they said without realizing that since they don’t have the power to hire and fire, their words have no meaning.

Still, I hope they did put in a good word for me, and that the people who make the decisions there like me enough to get me in the door full time permanent.  But just in case, I am going to start getting my resume updated, with the experience I have here added to my resume, and hope I can land a gig somewhere else quickly.

But dammit, I want this gig so bad I can taste it.  I try to be as smart about my job as I can be.  I try my best to be the hardest working guy I can be.  I learn everything I can and give everything asked of me.  I can do no more.  I just have to wait and see if I’m good enough now.

Wish me luck.


pic of the day:   Statue of Demeter


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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