The Day

It’s been a pretty busy day for me.  I woke up (always a nice way to start the day) puttered around the house for a bit.  Ya know, made coffee, fed the cats, turned on the computer, smooched the wife, washed my hands, realized I got the order wrong and smooched the wife again and told her how I got the order wrong. She giggled and told me I should go back to sleep.  I treated that the way I always do.  “I should, maybe I will when you go to sleep”  She knows I don’t mean it, that once I’m up, i’m up, but she’s a wonderful wife who has no plans of going to sleep anytime soon.  See , she’s been awake all night again.

She tells me I’m full of shit, which I am, so I don’t argue.

After drinking my coffee, I walk down to the store, walk the mile and a half with the cart in tow as I make up the list of stuff we need.  Looks like it’s gonna rain but I don’t mind.   Need bread, paper towels, meat, coffee, cat food, cookies, lil debbies, other assorted crap.  I used to make lists all the time before I went, but no matter how complete a list I made I always forgot something, or more properly put, several somethings, so I stopped making them.  What’s the point of the list if you don’t follow it?  I get the stuff I need, costs $76 or so.

I forgot the damn bread.  Nice.

I walk back up from the store.  Takes about 25 minutes.  It’s raining a bit on the way back, so I have to stop and move some stuff around in my cart to keep it dry.  Some guy walks by real slow, and stops a few feet ahead of me.  Looks at me, like I did something.  I smile at the moron, and now he looks a bit lost.  He’s clearly the slow type.  I keep doing what I’m doing, and after about a minute of standing in the rain working with stuff to make sure it doesn’t get wet, I start to move again.  I pass dumbass, and smile at him again, and say hello.  He makes with the idiot face again.  I giggle and walk home, laughing  about it most of the way.

When I get back I hear the wife tell me I should take our cat minky to the vet.  He’s had diarrhea for a couple of days, and he’s mewling a lot, and hiding.  He’s had problems with his anal glands before, and these are the signs of problems there. So after we unload the groceries, I tell her I’m going to go to the vet and make an appointment, rather than call.  I walk down and make an appointment, for 4:15 pm tomorrow.

This is gonna cost an arm and a leg, and several other body parts I would prefer not to part with.  But if it’s gotta be done. then it’s gotta be done.

Almost to illustrate the point that I need better money management skills, or maybe more money, I decide to go get my wife some lunch.  I think it’s gonna cost $5.  Costs $9. That $4 is gonna piss me off all damn day!

I hate spending money.

I get home and decide to go run before I lose more daylight.  Run almost 14 miles.  Not very fast and not very well, but I run them.  I get home, thinking that my wife, who has been awake since last night will be asleep when I get in.


After putting my time in here on the running commentary page and the iPod I got my wife several years ago, which I now own (she has a better one) I decide to get ready to make dinner and exercise.  I sit down for a moment… and fall asleep in a rocking chair.  Dammit.  Even busy days have some downtime in’em I guess.

After I wake up, I go make the dinner.  Easy meal.  2 cans of soup and some mashed potatoes.  Mixed together it’s great and takes like 10 minutes to make.  I eat that, but not before eating some potato chips and dip and a cup of coffee and some sugary confectionery treats, then go do 250 push-ups.

That was kind of fun, no matter how much crap I toss down my pie hole, I never feel stuffed after doing 200+ knuckle push-ups, which is why I always exercise after I eat.

Then I wrote a short article on the State of the union, 367 words.

Then I wrote some more stuff for my “Story of the month”, call it a shade over 1100 words.

Then this, which is current at 783 words.

Not a great day, but not an altogether bad one either.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night


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