Hard Day To Be A Harbaugh

Statement of the day:

Today was a hard day in the NFL to be a Harbaugh.

The day began with there being a chance that the two head coaches of the teams in the Super Bowl would be the brothers Harbaugh.  Both teams that the Harbaughs coached played well, and they were competitive throughout the games they participated in, but in the end both lost.

But the hard part has to be said to be the fact that it was a miss and a mistake that kept the two brothers out of the Super Bowl.  The miss by Billy Cundiff with time ticking down cost the Ravens a shot at getting the game to overtime.  As a consequence the Ravens lost. The Ravens were in the game the whole time, and Joe Flacco, a man I think of as a second rate QB, put together some really good plays to keep his team in it.  Put it like this, on this day Joe Flacco was a better QB than Tom Brady.  He was not the reason they lost, like he usually is.

The Niners Giants was kind of the same, only more so, at least as far as the brothers Harbaugh are concerned.  The Niners played a great game , aided somewhat by the refereeing, but mainly they were held up by the most stout defense you may ever see in a losing effort.  The Niners offense was sparse but effective, Vernon Davis being the only real threat that the Niners O had.

Enter Kyle Williams.  2 mistakes that cost his team a shot at the Super Bowl.  The first flub by the Niners Wide out/ Kick returner (Kyle was playing for a hurt Ted Ginn Jr.) was a ball that just touched his left knee on a punt.  He played like it didn’t but the astute NY Giant Devin Thomas kept his eye on the ball and grabbed it and ran it to the endzone.  Now a punt can’t be run back for a touchdown like that, but he gave the Giants the ball, and they drove for a touchdown that gave the Giants the lead.

Fast forward to overtime, after the two teams played some very good defense and both teams kicked the ball back and forth, the Giants kicked the ball to Kyle Williams, who ran the ball back with 9:32 left.  During the run back Jacquain Williams knocked the ball out of Kyle’s hands and again, man of the hour, tower of power Devin Thomas picked up the ball and the Giants had the ball deep in Niners territory.  They then moved the ball  on the ground for a few yards on a few plays that got the Giants closer to the end zone, and then Lawrence Tynes kicked the Giants into the Super Bowl.

– – – – – – – – – –

That said the Giants and the Patriots were the better teams out there.  If they weren’t they would not have won.

Victor Cruz ate up the Niners secondary, and helped bring the Giants to the promised land.

Bear Pascoe scored his first ever Touchdown in the NFC championship.

Tom Brady decided he was super when he kept the ball and went over the top on the Ravens D with 11:29 to go in the 4th, and put the Pats up to stay.

The Pats D held Ray Rice to 67 yards on the ground, when the Pats D had been seen as a weakness all year.

Eli Manning proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is a road warrior, winning his fifth road playoff game, which I believe is a record.

The Giants are the road team for Super Bowl XLVI.

Giants – Patriots in the Super Bowl is going to be an absolutely great game.

– – – – – – – – – – –

That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

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