A Mitt Romney supporter and volunteer followed Mitt around, and after some short amount of time and some speaking to staffers got to meet him.    She told Mitt she needed a job and was having problems finding one.  He dropped everything to listen to her story.  Mitt took down her personal information, and said that maybe the state of South Carolina would be able to help.  The campaign then went out of their way to help her pay her light bill.  Mitt later saw her on line at a function, and gave her $50 or $60.

Moral of the story?  Mitt Romney is a nice guy.

Mitt being a nice guy is really a touching story to hear.  The usual thing you hear about conservatives is that they are anything but nice people.  It’s good to hear that there are actual humane people on that side of the political fence.

But then again, most of the talk that they are inhumane, or for some reason nasty individuals comes from the press.  I’m sure that most politicians, like most regular people, are in fact nice people.

Doesn’t mean I’d want him to be President.  I’m a liberal, and I’ve seen the negative effect that conservative economic policies have on the nation as a whole, and on individuals as well.  It stifles economic freedom, creates a social Darwinist type atmosphere of survival of the fittest, that leaves no room for growth from the bottom rungs of the economic ladder.

It doesn’t matter how nice of a guy the guy running for President is.  If he doesn’t want to do the things that I want him to do, then he won’t get my vote.  It’s that simple.  And Mitt being a Republican, will act like George W. Bush, and work for the corporations before the people, and the rich before the working and middle class.  And that doesn’t hold water in my book.

And it never will.  It’s nice to see he’s an honorable person though.  If he likes I’ll have coffee with the guy.  I just won’t vote for him.

And you’ll notice that he never got the person in question the one thing asked for.  A job.


Viddy of the day:  Mitt Romney — A BLR Soundbite

I LOVE the BLR people for the work they do.  Absolutely great, funny stuff.  “I will force Spiders and Badgers on the Enemy, and get’em all to shut up!”  Just great!


The Obama administration got it right on something everyone can get behind.  They’ve turned their back on SOPA, as well as PIPA.  SOPA, which would make no major dent in efforts to stop piracy while at the same time acting as a potential censor on any content, looks dead.

Nice.  I’ve written about this nasty little piece of shit legislation before, and the more people back away from this loser horseshit legislation, the better we , as a nation are.


Familiarity with any great thing removes our awe of it. The great general is only terrible to the enemy; the great poet is frequently scolded by his wife; the children of the great statesman clamber about his knees with perfect trust and impunity; the great actor who is called before the curtain by admiring audiences is often waylaid at the stage door by his creditors.

L. Frank Baum, The Master Key


Pic of the day:  School of Athens, Raphael


A day after the fact, I figured out what the eulogy of my father was missing.  It was less a touching memorial of the life and doings of my father, and more an uncontrolled outpouring of personal grief and pain, and that is NOT what a eulogy is supposed to be.  It was not something I think the man would be proud of.  Why would he be proud of his son not being able to control his emotions enough to talk about his life and lift the spirits of those who most need their spirits lifted?

Well I did talk about his life, but the tone was at times a harsh one, spoken by a man who had watched him wither and die, and frankly did not handle it well.

A tip for those who think they may at some point in the future have to write a eulogy and speak at a funeral. Do it BEFORE the emotional pain you will no doubt go through hits, especially if you wear your heart on your sleeve like I do.

And practice until you have it down, I did that and my timing was good. Too bad I had great timing with a shitty eulogy.

I’d like to apologize to my family for what I put them through.  It was not good enough for the man it was about, or his family who are grieving his loss.


That’s it from me, America, G’night.


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