Just a Few Quick Words

It had to be done.  You understand that I presume?

There is far too much that the people need that is simply not taken care of, too many things that the corporatocracy dislikes in the Consumer Financial Protection Board, which of course means they are not only good, but necessary.  Which is why the Republicans decided to not allow the appointment of the man who would run that department.  Which is why the President had to appoint him via recess appointment.

It has been too long that this important agency has gone without a head.  One day without a head is one day too long, and now the agency can get on with the business of keeping business from screwing the people, at least as far as the law allows.

‘T is a good thing, truly.


8 votes.  Rick Santorum lost by 8 votes.  Mitt Romney barely held hm off, and if you look at the map of Iowa from last night, you would be clearly convinced that Mitt Romney got his ass handed to him by the former Pennsylvania Senator.

Mitt Romney has been the man most have expected to win the nomination from the beginning, to have him win by only 8 votes, and to have 3 of 4 voters in Iowa vote for someone else, seems to be something of a failure. But to have a win under his belt, even if it is only an 8 vote win, must still feel good, going into New Hampshire, where Santorum should not do nearly as well.  Mr. Romney will get stiff competition from Ron Paul there, New Hampshire being more the Libertarian hotbed than Iowa.

And looking at the 2008 primary along side it, it is amazing that many, but not all the counties that Obama won in 2008 are the ones that Romney won this time around, while the largest number of counties that both Hillary and John Edwards won in 2008 were won by Rick Santorum.


Happy birthday to my wonderful wife.  She has been strength for me when I was weak, she has been my better half, my strong right arm, and the support I needed when I needed it, and made me a better man, and I cannot thank her enough for being my best friend, and lover, and the rock upon which I have built my adult life.

I love you, hon!


Let’s close this out with Henry the VIII.

Viddy of the day: Images of Henry VIII  — documentary.  Part 1/2  Very early 1970’s BBC docuviddy here


I have touch’d the highest point of all my greatness;
And, from that full meridian of my glory,
I haste now to my setting: I shall fall
Like a bright exhalation in the evening,
And no man see me more.

William Shakespeare, Henry VIII, act iii, scene ii, Wolsey


Pic of the day:  Portrait of Henry the VIII, by Hans Holbein


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