The House Is A Mess

The house is a mess.  But that’s OK, the Senate is too.  And they can afford to be like that as well, being the wealthy people that they are.  We knew that they were wealthy, wealthier than the average American, but the amount they make, and their net worth more than doubling in 20 some odd years, while we the people have stagnated financially over the same amount of time is frankly, angering.

Angering more than anything because we have suffered through hardship after hardship, and these people, who are supposed to be our guardians, have guarded their own houses, but left ours to rot.  To call the state of affairs we find ourselves in here and now, flat broke jobless and seeking a break while they drink Ambrosia anything but insane hurts like hell to contemplate.

It is the way of things though.  Congress has simply followed their corporate masters in this. It is well know that CEO pay and compensation, as well as other higher ups in large corporate structures have gone through the roof since at least the Reagan years.

As always the rich get richer, and the poor get shafted, and then told they have the same opportunities everyone else does, when it is clearly not the case.

But I digress…


Because the world of politics is a mess.  Ron Paul, noted libertarian and (until recently) closeted racist, has been (again, until recently) been leading in most of the polls coming out of Iowa, first of the states to have primaries. But that lead has been shrinking over the last few weeks, and of all people, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the one eating into his lead.

With 2 weeks to go, there are only about 8% of Iowa’s voting bloc uncommitted.  And with the Romney campaign gaining momentum, it looks a lot like enough will go Romney’s way to hand him Iowa.  Romney, you will remember, is the former moderate, flip-flopping business man is most well known in business circles for buying businesses, taking them apart, selling their more profitable pieces, and downsizing thousands, destroying the futures and dreams of thousands in the name of profits.

That kind of thing apparently plays well in Republican circles.  Because business acumen of that nature is so much more important than the thousands of people who populated the businesses he destroyed in the name of profitability.  Guess being a racist just doesn’t get you as far as the ability to actually butcher jobs does in right wing circles.

And no, I have no problem with profits.  I’d like some myself, but I have spent my entire life working for peanuts, because that is what my people get paid.  I don’t get profits, I get screwed, just like the vast majority.


Viddy of the day:  Impact Investing: Saving Capitalism from Itself.


In the field of modern business, so rich in opportunity for the exercise of man’s finest and most varied mental faculties and moral qualities, mere money-making cannot be regarded as the legitimate end. Neither can mere growth of bulk or power be admitted as a worthy ambition. Nor can a man nobly mindful of his serious responsibilities to society view business as a game; since with the conduct of business human happiness or misery is inextricably interwoven.

Louis Brandeis


Pic of the day:  The Yellow House (Vincent’s House) by Vincent Van Gogh


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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