Say It And Play It

Ron Paul is a racist.

I am reading what Ron Paul wrote in his newsletters back in the late 80’s and early  90’s.

It’s pretty damning stuff.

He said that 95% of the black males in WASHINGTON DC are criminals.

He said that some paper said some crap about the L.A. riots ending only when “the blacks” went to go pick up their welfare checks.

He said Martin Luther King seduced young boys and girls.

And yes, I am tidying some of his statements up.

It cannot be questioned that it is from him.  It is his.  His newsletter. Any person who writes knows that the writers write and the editors and higher ups decide which content goes into the final product.  For as much of this stuff to come out, and for him to make claims about not knowing rings false.

And back in 1996 you claimed knowledge of, and ownership of, these self same newsletters that you now claim you had no prior knowledge of.

Ya know, Ron, the world deserves better.  Speak the truth.  It was your newsletter.  You spoke your mind.

Say it.  You’re a racist, Rep. Paul.  Say it, you know it’s the truth.

Admit it. It’s yours, own it like a man, stop running from the truth.

Coward.  Servant.  Blind man.


For his spokesman to call white racialism a “small ideology” and claim white activists are “wasting their money” trying to influence (Ron)Paul is ridiculous. Paul is a white nationalist of the Stormfront type who has always kept his racial views and his views about world Judaism quiet because of his political position.

Bill White


It has been FAR too long since I have last written anything for the guitar here, and there is a reason for that.  I’ve been busy, and to be truthful, I have been busy with other things, too busy to write guitar stuff, which generally involves hours of pouring over source material and playing and re-playing music in small pieces, dissecting them to make sure that everything is right.

Not to mention I cut the tip of my ring finger on my left hand a few days ago, and I can’t play with the damn thing.

I am hoping to fix this situation as soon as I can, but I don’t know when that will be.  In the meanwhile, here a guitar lesson from Joe Satriani, and my pic of the day, a painting I first saw as the cover of a Frederick Noad book “The Baroque Guitar.”  Good book, it has some very beautiful pieces of music in it.



Viddy of the day:  Joe Satriani on Picking


Pic of the day: Young Woman playing a guitar, by Johannes Vermeer.

That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

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