Brinksmanship/ Da Vinci

Republicans voted to bring jobs to America?  Nooooo, they might want you to think that but…

The only problem with it is that the number of jobs they say it will create (30,000 by their numbers, 3,000 by more rational estimates) is over inflated, and the house is doing this to get a pipeline through that the people have said they don’t want (if you don’t remember the Keystone XL protests, you weren’t paying attention to the real world) while tying it to a bill that all America wants, the payroll tax cut.

Devious little bastards, making us vote for something we don’t want (the keystone pipeline) to get something we do want( a tax break.)

We need millions of jobs.  With this we get a few thousand, most of those temporary jobs.  It isn’t enough to justify using jobs as a basis for argument.  It doesn’t fit our needs, or our wants.  It is insufficient.   We don’t need more oil dependence, or more oil.  We need more solar, we need more wind power.  What do we get?  More fucking oil, which means more money for the big oil companies, and less in our pockets.

Or tell me you haven’t caught that the more money they have the less we have?



It is brinksmanship of this nature, brought about by warring interests on the floor of the house and throughout Washington, that makes the American people dislike politics so much.  It would be so much easier to watch politics if the politicians would just not play these games.  If the republicans would just stop tying legislation that Democrats don’t like to stuff everyone wants and needs, this crap would never happen.

Yes I understand it is simply a tactic used by the house majority in the war they and their billionaire friends have decided to wage against our president, and that it is their right to do so.  But just because they have a right to oppose, does not mean they have a right to damage unnecessarily the heart of this nation by pitting us against ourselves for their own financial and political gain. It is heretical to the idea and concept of good governance to pit wants and needs against one another.  Always. No matter who does it.

The republicans are at fault for trying to make America a better place for their business interests while making us do tricks like the dogs they clearly think we are for what we actually desire, aka, lower taxes.

If they really were for lower taxes for the sake of lower taxes and the freedom and capital for us that they represent, rather than political gain, they would not be making us jump through hoops like this to get them.

Sorry ladies, but the XL pipeline for lower taxes deal is unacceptable.  Not enough jobs, too many hoops for us to jump through for your amusement, not enough gain for the American people, either in oil or jobs.


Viddy of the day:  Leonardo Da Vinci paintings


That is not riches, which may be lost; virtue is our true good and the true reward of its possessor. That cannot be lost; that never deserts us, but when life leaves us. As to property and external riches, hold them with trembling; they often leave their possessor in contempt, and mocked at for having lost them.

Leonardo Da Vinci


Pic of the day:  St. John The Baptist, by Leonardo Da Vinci


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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