Fuel For Thought

Viddy of the day:  NY Billionaire Mayor’s Girlfriend Punishes Working Families Over Occupy Wall Street

I don’t know that this is about OWS, looks to be about the mayor’s girl not liking Sotheby’s locked out workers.  How dare they want to work for their daily bread.  How dare they want a decent salary in safe conditions.  How dare they want to make enough money to pay the rent and their bills.

Diana Taylor. Elitist bitch.

She makes the point that if Sotheby’s accedes to any of the workers demands, she will leave the board of Sotheby’s.  I for one am hoping they get a deal done soon, so everyone of the people she and her minions have done this visceral wrong to can laugh their asses off as the door hits her in her stupid ass on the way out.


The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.

Christopher Hitchens, Letters to a Young Contrarian


Fuel for thought:  There are more jobless people out there than 8.6%.  A great deal more, and here’s the proof.  The real number looks amazingly bad.  The number of people who want to work but don’t have jobs, or enough work, is closer to a quarter of all Americans.

They sell us the lower number because it is politically expedient for them.  Who are they?  Everyone who doesn’t use the real number.  23% of the people need more work than they have now.

Like me.  I don’t work enough.  I have weeks where I only work 20 hours a week, sometimes less.  I can’t survive long term on that, no matter how much I get paid.  What am I supposed to do? I try, I make myself as available to the bosses at my job as I can, they ask if I can work, I say yes.  I haven’t ever turned them down when they asked if I could work, and I never will.

But I still don’t get enough hours.  So I am part of that 23%.  I want full time work.  I don’t get it.  All I can do is be there for them and hope they decide I’m good enough to become a regular.  There are a lot of people like me out there, around 14.4%.

Make us full time please, we need money, and we want to work.  Help!


More fuel for thought:  Reading a story that uses the 8.6% number for unemployment. It paints parallels between Barack Obama’s First term, and Ronald Reagan’s.   It makes the point that if the unemployment rate continues to drop, it could bode well for his chances for a second term as president.

I find it hard to believe that there are no other mitigating circumstances that helped Reagan get his second term, though I could more easily believe that in this day and age an election might well hinge on this single issue.

When it affects nearly 1 in 4 Americans. everyone knows someone affected.  If he can get unemployment, and underemployment to drop, or even cause it to appear to drop, he could gain enough of an edge to safely carry the 2012 presidential election, regardless of his competition.


Pic of the day:  Portrait of Joseph Roulin, by Vincent Van Gogh


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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