November 2011 Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the November 2011 Running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Tues., November 1st:  Ran 6.32 miles in 48:47.36, a 7:43.18 m/m pace.  44 degrees, clear. It was brisk out there tonight.  I wasn’t expecting it to be chilly out, but I was actually cold for most of the run, which was surprising.  But I was under-dressed, so it was entirely my own damned fault.  Still had fun out there, despite being amazingly chilled for most of the run.

Wed., November 2nd:  Ran 5.82 miles in 44:13.46, a 7:35.92 m/m pace. 49 degrees, clear.  It was a nice night for running. I got out late to run tonight, I almost didn’t run tonight, but I decided to go even though I was starting up after I usually finish.  The run was actually pretty quick, I’m happy with the time.  Had fun out there.

Thur., November 3rd:  Ran 6.28 miles in 48:34.66, a 7:44.11 m/m pace.  41 degrees, clear.  This pre-dawn run was actually relatively quick, it’s not easy for me to move with any speed when I’ve only been awake for 30 minutes, I tend to be slow early in these runs.  Tried to keep my stride rate fast on the 3/4 of a mile up and  3/4 of a mile back down.  3 of those plus the .89 mile run to the beginning turnaround point and the same for the run home.  It’s a fun run.  75 knuckle push-ups, 50 chin-ups.  All I could do in the 15 minutes that I had to work with.  Better’n nothin, I guess.

Fri., November 4th:  Ran 7.7 miles in 1:00:25, a 7:50.78 m/m pace.  47 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  Slow out the gate, and though I tried to pick up the pace as best I could, I just couldn’t generate enough speed to get under an hour for the distance.  Ah well, I put in as much effort as I could today, felt good to do that.  Hit the last section, the .82 mile run home, at a 7:20 pace.  That was nice.

Sat., November 5th:  Ran 15.36 miles in 1:59.23, a 7:46.34 m/m pace.  37 degrees, Sunny. I ran to the park to do my miles today, but the park guys were laying down asphalt on part of the run path, and they had it closed.  Ran it anyway.  Ran back home, for a 4.42 mile run.  Stopped in front of home for a few seconds, and went back out and told myself to hit the hills, and did.  5.47 miles out and another 5.47 back.  Pretty fast for a long morning run, at least for me.  Twas a good run.   80 chin-ups.

Sun., November 6th:  Ran 11.52 miles in 1:26:57, a 7:32.86 m/m pace.  52 degrees, sunny.  It was just a fast day today, just look at the NYC marathon times.  I really had fun out there, ran the 1.92 mile hill run(6x) about as fast as I was able today.  The conditions were about as good as it gets, perfect run weather.  That said, I’m amazed at the time.  This was MUCH faster than I thought I’d be able to go.  Nice.  250 knuckle push-ups.

Mon., November 7th:  Ran 7.4 miles in 55:58.07, a 7:33.79 m/m pace.  55 degrees, sunny.  Started out as a park run, but the park is still being worked on, so I had to cut the park portion of the run to a single lap.  Dammit.  1.26 to the park, plus one lap, plus the 1.26 back home, plus what turned out to be 2.98 miles around the neighborhood.  Kind of annoying to have to run like this, altering course after starting out.  Wish they’d finish working in the damn park.  96 chin-ups.

Tues., November 8th:  Ran 7.7 miles in 1:00:08, a 7:48.57 m/m pace.  49 degrees, clear.  Pre-dawn run, not the fastest, not the slowest.  It was about as much as I am capable of when beginning at 5:15 am.  Unhappy over the fact that I was actually slower on the second half of the run today.  I go for a negative split every run, and I missed today by about 23 seconds, dammit.  That is not what I was going for.  250 knuckle push-ups.

Wed., November 9th:  Ran 6.64 miles in 51:23.72, a 7:44.41 m/m pace.  47 degrees, foggy.  Hit the hills a might bit harder than usual today, ran a bit less distance to do it, though.  It was a little chillier than I was expecting, and the fog was a complete surprise, but it didn’t hamper things at all, as far as the run was concerned.  Ran the first half in 25:59, second  35 seconds or so less, so I didn’t have the same problems as yesterday with my split times.  Nice. 100+ Chin-ups.  I lost count of how many sets of 8 I did, but it was at least 13…I think.  So call it 100+ and call it a day.

Thur., November 10th:  Ran 10.9 miles in 1:20:08, a 7:21.10 m/m pace.  65 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Zoom and other such statements.  I was fast out the gate and did everything I could to keep the speed up the entire run.  I was hitting each 1.9 mile lap at less than 14 minutes per lap, which is very fast for me.  It took almost everything I had to do this, and dammit it felt good doing it.  No work today unfortunately, so I ran when the sun was up. 250 knuckle push-ups.

Fri., November 11th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 51:41.97, a 7:16.89 m/m pace.  42 degrees, sunny, windy.  I was zooming out there, second day in a row.  Feet were quick, my stride rate was high, and I was pushing very hard for much of the run.  Ran into a Veterans Day race in the park, twas inspiring to the runner and the American in me.  I was also keeping up with the guy who finished in 7th overall, so that felt pretty damn good.   Had fun out there.  No exercise.

Sat., November 12th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 38:23.2, a 7:22.92 m/m pace.  38 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Short run because I have a busy morning ahead. I pushed my speed as hard as I could today.  Surprised I was this fast, in large part because I woke up only a little while before I started the run, and that usually spells S-L-O-W for me.  Not today though.  First half of the run I ran at a 7:31, the second half in a 7:14.  Nice.  Long run tomorrow, methinks.

Sun., November 13th:  Ran 13.14 miles in 1:42:29, a 7:47.96 m/m pace.  55 degrees, sunny, windy.  I thought this was going to be longer, but this run was very hilly, so I’m not unhappy about it.  Ran the old neighborhood hill run and more.  Passed Jersey street, passed the one two oh, passed the ferry, ran to Victory Blvd, and all the way home, with a one lap run in the park added on.  That was a tough but fun run.

Mon., November 14th:  Ran 10.8 miles in 1:20:14, a 7:25.74 m/m pace.  67 degrees, sunny.  Unseasonably warm for a mid-November run.  I ran one lap in the park, but they were doing more road work on the run path, so I stopped at that one lap(13:58.63, a 7:21.38 pace.) After that I hit the hills I usually run for my pre-post work runs, ran 8.08 miles there, then ran the .82 miles home.  Close enough to the distance I wanted to run, and I hit the hills and ran fast.  Can’t complain, even if they took my park run from me… again.

Tues., November 15th:  Ran 11.9 miles in 1:30:52, a 7:38:15 m/m pace.  63 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  I didn’t push for speed today like I did yesterday, but I still pushed.  I ran a fairly large swath of the island today.  4 miles+ on Victory, 3+ on Forest, Richmond road from forest to victory, and almost 3 miles getting to victory and clove.  I thought the run was longer than this, but I’m happy with the result.  Haven’t exercised since Thursday.  Lazy Mikey.  Gotta work on that.

Wed., November 16th:  NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  Worked late, no time to do either.

Thur., November 17th:  Ran 6.48 miles in 49:07.55, a 7:34:86 m/m pace.  40 degrees, windy.  Post work hill run, added the hill on Victory from Labau to Royal oak road, almost as an afterthought.  I pushed hard out there, but couldn’t muster the speed I thought I could.  7:34 is a respectable time, but I was hoping I was faster than that.  Felt colder than Saturday’s run, due in large part to the wind.  Weather had no effect on my time that I could tell.  80 chin-ups.  First exercise in a week, it’s as much as I thought I should do, given the extended layoff.

Fri., November 18th:  Ran 8.22 miles in 1:00:29, a 7:21.48 m/ pace.  40 degrees, sunny, windy.  3 laps in the park + the 1.26 mile run to and from the park.  Happy to be able to run in the park again.  I only ran 3 laps because I’ve already run 3 – 10+ milers already this week, and I plan on going over 10 tomorrow, no need to overdo it today.  I went over 1800 miles for the year today, quite impressive I think. 80 chin-ups, yesterday’s exercise was so nice, I had to do it twice.

Sat., November 19th:  Ran 10.9 miles in 1:22:47, a 7:35:68 m/m pace.  37 degrees, sunny, breezy.  I didn’t want to push too hard today, after some of the speed-work I’ve done over the last week, but I didn’t slack either.  Guess I’ve been pushing kind of hard all week,  my hamstrings are sore, and it affected the run early.  Soreness disappeared after about 3 of the 5 park laps I did today, but those first 3 laps were hard as a result.  Good run.

Sun., November 20th:  Ran 13.3 miles in 1:41:27, a 7:37.66 m/m pace.  62 degrees, partly cloudy, windy.  Started slow, not knowing how long I was going to go, and picked up the pace as I went.  I had a sore point on the top of my left foot, not actually painful, but enough of an issue that I thought about stopping a few times.  Didn’t.  I was sore in a number of spots before, during and after today’s run, if I wasn’t I would have gone longer.  Excuses, excuses.  200 knuckle push-ups. Did what I could in the very short space of time I had to actually do this.

Mon., November 21st:  Ran 7.1 miles in 51:58.78, a 7:19.26 m/m pace.  49 degrees, windy, cloudy.  Busted my ass out there today.  Would’ve gone longer today but worked called, I gotta get in and soon, so I shortened today’s run.  Happy about the pace, too.  Sub 7:20 is always nice.  No pain or issues with either the top of my foot, or the other sore points from yesterday.  200 knuckle push-ups.  Knocked it out in the few minutes I had before work, call it 17 minutes.

Tues., November 22nd:  Ran 5.68 miles in 45:29.80, an 8:00.59 m/m pace.  45 degrees, windy, heavy rain.  It was pouring out there tonight.  Pouring. Inch and a half in an hour or some such amount.  I didn’t even try to run fast tonight, didn’t want to.  Still somewhat disappointed that I only ran an 8 minute mile on this short a distance.  With that said, I dunno if I could have gone faster, given the conditions.  80 chin-ups.  Not bad, not great, good enough.

Wed., November 23rd: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  Unscheduled day off.  Could have run and exercised.  Didn’t.

Thur., November 24th:  Ran 12.8 miles in 1:36:09, a 7:30.70 m/m pace.  47 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Nice morning for a run, started a bit chilly at 40 degrees, warmed up as the run went on.  I had a boatload of little aches and pains hit me today, both knees, both hamstrings, left ankle, dunno why offhand.  Didn’t let it stop me though.  This was not my hardest effort, speed wise, but it was about as far as I could have gone today.  Excellent.  175 knuckle pushups, 56 chin-ups.  7 sets of each first time I’ve done both in one day in at least a month, gotta start doing that more often.

Fri., November 25th:  Ran 6.32 miles in 44:47.18, a 7:05.18 m/m pace.  59 degrees, sunny.  Best run of the year.  Period. Great weather, little to no wind, temps are near perfect.  I got out the gate fast, and had several instances where I had to push faster than I was running, and then, when I did move faster I kept up the faster pace.  I was flying out there, and dammit that felt great.  I really enjoyed this one.  Good run.  200 knuckle push-ups, 64 chin-ups.

Sat., November 26th:  Ran 11.74 miles in 1:30:29, a 7:42.43 m/m pace.  55 degrees, sunny.  Took the foot off of the gas running the hills today, after the effort that I put in yesterday.  Not a half-hearted effort by any means, but not the speed run that yesterday’s run was.  Right hamstring seems to be getting tight on me, but it’s not too bad at the moment.  Had fun running in the old neighborhood.  No exercise.

Sun., November 27th:  Ran 11.4 miles in 1:22:35, a 7:14.64 m.m pace.  59 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy.  I think this may be a PR for the distance.  Nice. I didn’t thinking about running fast today, I just did.  Felt fast and light the whole way today, and I was able to let go and burn the entire distance. Double nice.  On lap 5 I felt a twinge in my left ankle and my right hammy, but it went away as fast as it showed up.  Last lap was my fastest. Triple nice.  225 knuckle push-ups.

Mon., November 28th:  Ran 5.68 miles in 43:25.77, a 7:38.76 m/m pace.  53 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  Early morning pre-work run.  I busted my ass out there today, just wasn’t as fast as yesterday.  Pre-dawn hills, when the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, are hard.  Still wouldn’t miss it for the world, hills make me faster and stronger.  I’ve grown to really enjoy running them.  100 knuckle push-ups, 50 chin-ups.  It’s as much as I could do in the 15 minutes I had to actually exercise in.

Tues., November 29th:  Ran 6.64 miles in 52:38.46, a 7:55.67 m/m pace.  57 degrees, cloudy, windy.  Pre-work hill running.  I thought I was faster than this, I really did. I pushed pretty hard out there, I just didn’t move very fast.  Go fig!  No excuses, I guess I just can’t be fast everyday, especially during those pre-dawn runs.  I’ll try to be faster tomorrow.  No exercise.

Wed., November 30th:  Ran 7.7 miles in 58:54.90, a 7:39.07 m/m pace.  44 degrees, cloudy, windy.  After the less than quick pace I set yesterday, I made a conscious decision to push faster today.  Sixteen and a half seconds per mile faster felt good this morning, especially with the longer distance run.  It’s not easy to get moving fast at 5:15 am, but I did it.  Nice.  125 knuckle push-ups, 40 chin-ups, front kick and deep knee bend punching exercises.  First time I’ve done the punch and kick drills in at least a year.  Felt good.


This month:  247.74 miles.  Longest run: 15.36 miles (November 5th) Shortest run: 5.2 miles (November 12th)  28 runs in 30 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 8.847 miles

Year to date: 1900.00 miles  Longest so far 20.9 miles (September 18th) Shortest 1.7 miles (January 24th, injury shortened). 256 runs on the year.  Average run distance:  7.421 miles


November was a great run month!  I had only 2 days off despite it being a busy month, had a greater number of 10+ mile runs than I thought I would have, and I nearly hit 250 miles on the month!  And my speed numbers really took off, I had a number of sub 7:20 m/m average runs this month, probably the first time I could say that in at least a year, maybe more.

Hill running has really helped me get my speed numbers up where they are, and have made it easier to do the distance running I’ve been doing.  I plan on keeping up the hill running indefinitely, seeing how much it positively affects my running in general, and it has become a regular part of my running repertoire.

Mind you, it won’t be as easy to replicate this months numbers in December.  Early morning, and post sunset runs when the temperatures are in the twenties and thirties will put a damper on speed numbers, at least a little bit, and I expect it will affect distance numbers somewhat as well.  I am hoping to hit the 200 mile mark for the month of December, which would put me at 2100 miles for the year.

That would be fantastic.


That’s it from here, America!  G’night!


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