Tuesday Night Fun

I read the news today oh, boy.

I read about AMR, the parent company of American Airlines, having to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  14 Wall street brokerage firms said people should hold onto their AMR stocks right up to the point they filed for bankruptcy, even though they knew AMR was in trouble.

And there are people who wonder why there are people protesting the actions, both past and present, on Wall street.  Srsly.  Morgan Stanley had AMR rated at “overweight“, meaning they liked it and thought it was a good buy.  Barclays and Deutsche Bank had similar ratings.

Nice.  These clueless monkeys are steering our financial future.  Doesn’t that feel special?


Viddy of the day:  Rick Perry Flubs Voting Age.  Gotta love this guy, he’s as sharp as a bowling ball.  He thinks the voting age is 21.  Apparently he is living in 1970, seeing how the voting age in the U.S. has been 18 since July 1971.



Herman Cain has apparently been schtupping someone on the side for 13 years.  Well, I for one am shocked, SHOCKED at this.  Entirely shocked that anyone gives a rats ass about it.  Of course he’s been screwing someone on the side, he was screwing around sexually harassing woman apparently for years, should we be surprised that he’s fuckin someone on the side?

And at first he was re-assessing his campaign because of this, and now he isn’t.  Personally, I give it about a week before his campaign implodes.

Of course he can always get a job delivering pizza.  I’d give him a tip.  Maybe like “KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS, STUPID.”


Pic of the day:  Alphonse Mucha, Winter


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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