Just Saying

I ran into a question whilst meandering teh intarwebs today, that I decided to (kinda) answer here.  The question is: If you could choose one thing to become socially acceptable, what would it be?

The answer to me is a return question:  What is socially unacceptable and why?

Now that doesn’t mean that I think that anything that is socially unacceptable should be made acceptable.  Far from it.  But the question is itself a pertinent one.  Before we knock down the doors of social convention, we must first understand why those doors were erected in the first place, and secondly understand that something that is socially acceptable  to one person is a) not agreeable to everyone, and  b) either welcome or not welcome (depending on viewpoint) for a host of reasons, as many reasons as there are people.

Still it would be nice if some things became acceptable, like naps at work.  Ya know how some days you get to work, the day hasn’t started yet, and you are beat, dog tired.  Could not sleep the night before for whatever reason, and now you’re in the office, and you are spent, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do.

Why not a siesta at some point?  I’m not asking for hours of sleep time in the middle of the work day, just a little extra time if you need it.  Ya know, ” Boss, I had the worst night ever “insert story here”, mind if I grab a siesta?  I’ll work extra time after hours, if that’s ok.”  It would be nice if you could do that.  It would be nice.

Or what if maybe it were socially acceptable to move people who stand in doorways, or take up whole aisles when shopping? The tedious bullshit of dealing with people who cause a people pileup/traffic jam because some idiot has decided now is a great time to stand still when people are trying to do things is an annoyance i could really do without.

Actually, being less that Politically correct I do move them.  I get funny looks from people for being a steamroller.  Some people are blockers, people who, purposefully or not, take up space and block passages. A very few of us are block-breakers, and we relish the job of breaking the blocks so traffic can again move.

New York City is an 8,000,000 person strong mosh pit, and I LOVE to mosh. Like the song says “If you hit the floor, you can always crawl

I am just not right some days.



Not that I relish being socially unacceptable.  I am a human being, a social creature at my base, being social is at the core of every human interaction.  Anti-social person is an oxymoron, there is no such thing.

There are shy people, angry people, stupid people, fearful people, but no one is anti-social. All humans crave contact and acceptance at some level.  So being socially acceptable is a necessary component to everyday life.  I think the person who asked that question really wanted to ask a question more like this one.

If you could change social mores, loosen the control that society has on personal behavior on that level, what behavior would you normalize?

And a quick answer for that?  Society only controls your actions as far as you let it, even if you are largely unconscious of the effect.  The question has more to do with you than with social mores, and any answer you give is more a reflection of your heart and the issues in your life than of improper social controls placed on you by society.

Just saying.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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