Feet up, leaning back on the small chair in front of my computer, listening to Rush, “A Farewell To Kings”.  No worries in the world, except that I’m on it.  That seems to be enough to stir the hornets nest.  Because everywhere I look things just seem… wrong.

I look at money.  There never seems to be enough of the stuff around, for anyone, anywhere.  Makes you wonder why they don’t just print more of it and give it away, it’d shut everyone the hell up about the lack of it being around.  Mind you that would open up another can of worms.  But maybe that’s what we need.  People need change, and maybe a few crisp clean dollar bills on top of that.

I look at politics. People seem to be endlessly annoyed at the people they put in office.  So annoyed they don’t want to admit they voted for anyone in office, or vote.  I don’t get why.  The problems in the world would be close enough to where they are now regardless of who the people vote for.  The problems exist because the people who actually run things make a profit off of the human wreckage.  If there was no profit in the world as it exists, it would change… into a more profitable venture at the behest of the men who run things.

Side thought:  Corruption is rampant because the system makes it easy to be corrupt, and all humans are corruptible. To get rid of corruption, you must create a system that is incorruptible.  Good luck with making that, the guys in charge won’t like it much.

I look at the state of mind of the world. Seems a bit of a mess, but maybe that’s just me.  Everyone I talk to complains that the world is, to use a term I have heard uttered, fucked.  Has much to do with the first two things I wrote about above.

People just want to be happy, and while they grab snippets of happiness, they can’t seems to grasp any sense that they are making headway in building a happier, better life.  They try to find happiness by buying it. That never works, happiness isn’t external, and it isn’t for sale.   They try to find happiness in a bottle, or some other similar excitement.  A fun way to destroy yourself, admittedly, but happiness isn’t there, unless you think (and I use that term loosely) happiness is dysfunction.

I look at work.  It looks like there is so much to do, with infrastructure crumbling among other things,and yet millions go unemployed.  Simple fix? In theory.  Give the unemployed people work doing the things that aren’t getting done.  But no one wants to hire.  Cheap bastards.  On top of that there are idiots that want to cut government spending so the government can’t create jobs.  Thus damaging the economy further.

What can a guy do but look at the world we’ve built and and think “We made a mess of this, didn’t we?”

Maybe we need a worldwide revolution, just burn it all down and begin again, so we can all find peace of mind and a path to a better life without the corrupt system as it currently exists, planet-wide.  Start from scratch, better than living with what we have now, which is just not good enough, for anyone, regardless of the profits it pulls in for a very, very few of you.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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