I love the press.  I just read 2 different stories about Occupy Wall Street.  One of them said that it looked like the OWS numbers were dwindling, and that the movement looked like it was losing steam.  The second story was one that had thousands of protestors crossing Brooklyn bridge, and spoke of the movement as gaining momentum.

The movement is strong.  I know.  I saw the thing up close and personal the day it was evicted from Zucotti park.  I was there after the eviction, as the people who were there barked their displeasure at being kicked out of the physical center of the protest.

First, to dispel a few myths.  One, not everyone there is either a college aged hippy, or an old hippy.  There were a great many cross sections of life in this city there when I was there.  Thousands.  The park was ringed with people. Stretched for blocks in all directions.

Less intelligent locals who worked in the area tried to walk through and then bitched about all the people.  There were a few of these fucking idiots.  You don’t like crowds? Move to Idaho, jackass. This is New York.  There are lots of people.  Crowds happen Get over it.

There were protestors of all stripes.  People in suits.  People dressed in jeans and jackets.  Curiously, I saw not a single tie-dyed shirt.


OWS eviction  will only make OWS stronger


“So what’s the point of showing me something I can’t see?”
“So that you understand that just because you see something, it doesn’t mean to say it’s there. And if you don’t see something, it doesn’t mean to say it’s not there. It’s only what your senses bring to your attention.”

Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless


2 people got arrested.  Some old woman was walking down the street, along the edge of the protest on Broadway.  No one saw her do anything, me or anyone else.  They grabbed her, put her on the ground, cuffed her and took her away.  Left the larger males in the area alone, who were doing much the same thing.  It was stunning.  It was stupid, but it was also captured on video by a number of people. Even the lawyers who were there to represent any people who were part of the movement were taken aback by it.

The second arrest was much more straight-forward.  A guy tried to jump the railing to get into the park… right into the arms of a cop.  THAT guy was an idiot.  Stupid happens everywhere. I can understand anger at losing the park, but dammit, if yer gonna go over the top, you can’t go alone, and you certainly can just jump into the arms of the police, unless you like handcuffs.  That last bit, that’s on you.

There were hundreds of people taking pictures and making videos.  2 professional looking cameras, the rest just regular people taking pictures and videos to document the goings on at Zucotti park.

There was no drug use.  None.  If there was before I cannot speak to that. When I was there there was just an angry hive of humanity, buzzing, anxious to get back in, barking with anger at being evicted and held out of a public space, or a space they thought of as public.  One is as good as the other in the minds of the people who were there.

The people are still pissed about this.  And what did we have today?  A Day of Action.  A few hundred people showed up to try to shut down wall street.  They failed.  No surprise there.  A few hundred people were arrested as well.  People took to the subways to send the occupy message to the rest of the people in person.  Thousands have converged in Foley square, thousands have marched over the Brooklyn bridge.

I gotta go see what these fine outstanding patriots do next.  Having had a small taste, I want more.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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