It’s Been A While…

It’s been a while, and it’s nice to be back writing.  Work, running, and a large amount of busy hit, and writing took a back seat.


When I say work, I mean a 40 hour work week, which happened for several weeks but I also mean the 3 hours a day traveling to and from work, and the attendant amount of time prepping for work.  And by running I mean running almost as soon as I wake up, at 5:15 am, or within 15 minutes of walking in the door after work. Then making dinner, doing what work has to be done around here that my wife doesn’t (or can’t or won’t) do, then grab my 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night.


Kinda pissed that I’ve missed writing my picks for the last few weeks.  I’ve missed writing every day, reading the news everyday, doing research for my writing. My writing had not been it’s best prior to this latest hiatus, and it’ll take time for me to get my writing chops back, but if I write every day it should come back soon enough.

I’ve missed running during the day, but at the same time I’m becoming a better runner because of my pre-dawn and post-sunset runs  Gotta hit the hills running then, the park is not lit and I don’t want to run there at night (not for personal safety’s sake, but because of a lack of lighting) so I’ve been running hills every day, and I’m getting faster as a result.

Unhappy that I missed writing about Italy’s economy imploding(or Germany’s stalling economy), and Rick Perry (and the Republicans chances in 2012) imploding on stage in front of the world, and looking like a moron doing it.   Not liking the fact that I missed writing about the volatility of the last few weeks in the stock market, and BOA having to eat shit over their bank fee bullshit.  THAT felt good hearing that BOA had to suck it in public.

I have heard almost nothing about OWS, except from family members who dislike the damn thing.  They say they like it, then trash the damn thing mercilessly. If they like it so much, say something positive about it.  Serious, or just stop pretending, you don’t have to talk nice about it to play nice with me just because I like the movement.

And they say that OWS isn’t coherent about their messaging.

Hint for them: OWS wants more and better paying jobs (85% of occupiers are employed), less corporate influence by lobbyists, and higher taxes on the wealthy.

Just letting them know so I don’t have to explain it yet again.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night!





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