October 2011 Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the content from October 2011′s Random Thoughts.  Enjoy!


Oct 1st:  October baseball is happening behind me on television.   Occupy wall street takes up my thoughts.  Word is that the protestors who were marching were lead to a specific part of the Brooklyn bridge by the police, then the police told them they were in the wrong place, kettled them, and arrested a mass of them.  The number I have seen puts the number of arrests at 500.  I wasn’t there, I do not know.  But it seems they are largely unfazed, and ready for more marching.  Tough sons o’ bitches, they are!

I so want to go there.  I will, if it lasts long enough, I’ll wind my way there.

Oct 2nd:  It’s 8:45 pm and I am feeling a little jittery about my first day at the new job.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt jitters like this about a job before, at least none this bad that I can remember.  It’ll be OK, I’m certain of that, but it just feels awkward to have jitters about something that I know I can do.  I have had jitters before and I know how it goes, so it’s not that big a deal.  It’s more of an annoyance than anything.  It’ll pass.  No worries.

Oct 3rd.  I took the day off from running because this is my first day working at my new job.  I think it was the right choice.  The work was not particularly hard, but I was working exhibition, which is standing around all day assisting people who might want to information about particular pieces of artwork.  Which can be monotonous, but it is also hard on the feet.  I will never sneer at a security guard who has to stand on guard all day.  That is hard work.

Oct. 4th:  My wife went on vacation today.  She’ll be gone for a week.   Hope she has fun.  I’m going to be busy as hell on my first week of work, unable to have even a little down time when she is gone.  No vaycay for me.  Ah well.  No worries.

Oct 5th:  On the job today, I had me a treat.  I was actually able to play guitar for a few minutes.  A famous person who I will not name is selling his guitar collection, and I got to play a number of his guitars.  He had a few Dobros, wanted to play them, but they weren’t tuned, and I didn’t want to mess with them too much.  They had some really outstanding pieces as well.  Twas fun.

Oct 6th:  Running is beating my ass lately, My right quad is sore as hell, and I walk like an old man.  Which is pretty damn funny, seeing how I call myself an old man now, and suddenly I start walking around like one.  Dammit and other such statements.

I haven’t written much on my brothers in Zucotti park recently, more because I am busy than anything else really.  They are still standing up for the rest of us, I am still proud of my brothers and sisters out on the streets, fighting for what’s right, fighting for America.

And the Yankees lost.  Joy.  The Phillies lost as well.  That made seeing the Yankees not get out of the first round a little easier to swallow.

Oct 7th:  Hung art for the first time at my new job.  Got the first ones I did right, then they decided that they were too low, and I had to redo them, hang them 2 inches higher.  No worries.  Goofed the next ones, but got a quick lesson in hanging from this guy I work with, and nailed it (unintentional pun) after that.

Also got to play with more guitars.  a $100,000+ job too.  A 1940 hauser, sweet little thing, a dream to play, the kind of guitar that makes the player that plays it better just by playing that instrument.  Man, it was nice.

Oct 8th:  Going to my brothers son’s 6th birthday party later.  Should be a hoot, he’s a great kid. Might be hard for me though, I’m used to running around with these kids, and my quads are still sore, and my knees are beginning to feel it as well.  That’s what ibuprofen is for.  No worries.

Oct 9th: Worked today, caught up on the news a little bit, ate some really unhealthy food, ran before the break of day, again.  Tired.  Don’t mind though.  The work wasn’t too hard, the news wasn’t too bad, the food tasted good, and my quads are feeling better after a week of being sore.  Nice. Going to sleep early.

Oct 10th: Columbus day made for a very un-busy day at the job.  No one showed up at all to view any of the art, which initially shocked me.  It didn’t bother me too much though.  Made my feet sore, because what I do in that case is stand in one place, kinda like a security guard.  Not good for the feet, the legs or the back.

Oct 11th:  Running during the work week is getting easier now that I am running later.  I am faster as well as a consequence, which I can deal with.  And I am running fairly long, in comparison to what I ran when I was working at Sotheby’s last year.

My wife will be home in a few hours, don’t know how that’s gonna go, hope it doesn’t keep me awake too long.  Hope I can get a decent amount of sleep before work tomorrow.

Oct 12th:  Anagram: Wall Street/ Law Letters/ We Tell Rats/ All Wetters/ Sell Wet Art/ Rest Wallet/ Steel Trawl.

Oct 13th:  Got my first pay check today, and it was nice.  Much more than I was expecting, by several hundred dollars.  I’m going food shopping this weekend, and I’m getting all the stuff we need for once!  YAHOOOOOOO!  That is a nice feeling.  Still feels weird getting that much money, I’ve been getting horsecrap pay, the short end of the stick for so long, I forgot what it felt like to make an honest wage. A guy could get used to this.

Oct 14th:   Man I have been so tired lately, it’s been hard to keep up on my writing, or much of anything but “Work, sleep, eat.”  I try to keep the word “Run” in my version of that sentence, but I had to take today off so I can work.  I hate taking days off running, but there is simp,y not enough time in the day to schedule it today.  And no matter what I have issues with sleep, if I get a few hours decent sleep I’m a happy guy, but it doesn’t happen enough.

With that said, I’m going to sleep at midnight, and getting up at 5:30 am on a Saturday to go run before I get to the food shopping and clothes washing.

Oct 15th: I hardly watch the news anymore,  I almost never get to see the news shows I want to see.  Being busy and getting paid for it does have it’s drawbacks.  It makes it very hard to stay informed about subjects political that one can keep up on when one has a little extra time on ones hands.  Gotta take time out of each day, even if it’s only a few minutes, to read up on stuff.  I want to know what’s going on in the world.

Oct 16th:  Giants won. Pretty happy about that.  Good to see the Giants go into the bye with a win.  Nothing beyond that.

Oct 17th – Oct 19th:  I had nothing these days.  I was busy at work.  Well, I did have some thoughts about that work, but mostly they were of the “How the fuck did I manage to fuck THAT up” variety.  That might be slightly interesting to you, but they gave me a fucking headache.

Oct 20th:  I was talking to one of the guys I work with, who heard something about the Sotheby’s lockout of the 814 art handlers, and the news was about as bad as it gets.  Word is that they will be fired soon, all of them.  These motherfuckers at Sotheby’s are trying to fuck my 814 brothers, hard.  This shit isn’t right.  They worked hard, for years, gave everything to that place, ate all the disrespect that management  threw their way like men, and this is the thanks they get.  Assholes.  Management can never be trusted to do anything for anyone not management, and this would be the proof.

Oct 21st:  I’m not unhappy to see that  Moammar Khaddafi was killed by his people.  He deserved it from what I hear, but I never lived there, so I have an opinion, but I don’t know what it was like, but I will take the judgment and actions of his people as proper towards him.  Looking at and listening to the guy, dude was just plain fucking nuts.  That’s as much opinion of the guy that I can muster at this point.

Oct 22nd: I resent the fact that everywhere I go I hear negative talk about OWS.  We resent the fact that we paid for the bailout, and these bastards won’t hire, and keep buying influence on K street WITH THE MONEY WE GAVE THEM, while not doing enough to make the economy stronger, even though they could, if they chose to.

But because we are left wing, we get called names like we have something wrong with us.  When all we want, and this should be blisteringly fucking obvious, is to have that better future that these wall street billionaires have taken away from us, while they live well off of the sweat off of our backs.

Oct 23rd:  Ran the second of 2 consecutive 12.8 milers today.  Knocked off nearly 3 minutes off of yesterday’s time on today’s 12.8 miler, and I wasn’t slow yesterday.  Nice.

Occupy Chicago is being dispersed, or at least the attempt is being made.  Bastards.  But it won’t work.  Arrest everyone. Go ahead, do it.  Theyll get bailed out and return tomorrow.  As many times as you can arrest them, they can return.  I’d rethink that process if I was the police.  The police have better things to do, but they continue to not do it.  It’d be nice if they decided to protect and serve like they should, instead of being pains in the ass of Americans everywhere like they are being now.

Oct 24th:  Work was slow today.  Worked as viewing assistant.  Stood around and looked at the art for a bit, basically, no one really needed my help.  But hey, they pay me for doing this, so I won’t bitch.

Oct 25th:  Anagram:  Mike Needs Money/ Monkey Denies Me/ I Need Me Monkeys/ Demonise My Knee/ Enemy Skied On Me/ Omen Seemed Inky

Oct 26th:  Worked overtime, today, third time in 3 weeks. Nice.  I put in for more overtime than I get, but if I didn’t put in for it, I wouldn’t get any, and I need all the money I can get my hands on, so I’ll take whatever they toss out at me.  Little as this was, 2½ hours, it’s better than nothing.  I’ve put in to work late on friday and to work on Sunday, like I have every week I’ve been at this job.

Oct 27th:  Found out after work tonight that I am being moved from the department that I have been working in from day one.  Furthermore, I found out that I will only be working 2 days next week.  This sucks. I don’t know who the guy is who I’ll be working with, what department I’ll be in, or what my hours will be.  With all the bouncing around with the variety of jobs I have worked over the last 2 years, this has me thinking that my days here may well be numbered.  Dammit.

Well the plus side of this is that I’ll have time next week to go to Occupy Wall street.  That should be interesting.

Oct 28th:  Last day on the gallery crew, at least short term, and I found out that I’ll be working at least 4 days next week.  Friday is the only day up in the air, work-wise.  Seems that they want to see who fits best where, and that they’ve been moving people around different departments looking to see who fits best where.  First I’m hearing of it, but that’s cool by me.  At least it doesn’t mean the end of my time at the company is near.  I hope.  Again I will fail to get to OWS, no worries though.

Oct 29th:  Holy Shit, it’s snow!  The forecast which called for 2 to 4 inches, with snow starting at 9 pm, has changed to 6-10, since the snow started over 9 hours before it was supposed to.  I don’t know about 6-10 inches though, the snow is falling much lighter now than it was before, and has been for a while.  Might not get much more.

Oct 30th:  Holy Shit, it’s snow!  Part II.  I was right, not much more snow fell.  Trees however, fell like crazy.  I wrote about it yesterday on the main page.  I counted the amount of large tree limbs and trees that fell yesterday on my run path when I was running today. I was in the upper twenties when I lost count, and there were a number after that.  I had to cut my run short today as a result of the amount of downed trees, aka road blocks out there.

And the friggin Giants are losing to the Dolphins!  WTF?


That’s it from here, America.  G’night!

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