Let’s see, I was actually only half bad with my picks last week, but that isn’t a surprise, my average for the year is at about .500 for the year, so last weeks 7-6 ATS is about par for the course.

I won with the Niners, Packers, Bills(who lost but covered, I had them winning but ATS I nailed it,) Eagles, Raiders, Bears and Jets.  I lost on the Panthers, Colts, Steelers, Texans, Patriots, and Saints.

So with that out of the way, let’s take a look at this weeks inaccuracy!


Seahawks @ Browns:  Browns are 3 point favorites, and the O/U is 41.  I have no faith in the Seahawks here.   I have no faith in the Browns either, to be honest, but they at least have… well… Peyton Hillis, who was a workhorse last year, is hurt and looks like he won’t play, and they really have no other standout players on offense, so…. Take the Seahawks and the under.  Final score:  “Hawks 21, Browns 15

Falcons @Lions:  The Lions are 3½ point favorites, and the O/U is 47 points.   Even though they lost to the Niners last week, the Lions are still one of the best teams in the NFC right now.  The Falcons are a good team, but nowhere near the juggernaut that people were expecting at the beginning of the year, but not for lack of a running game, which averages over 110 yards per game on the ground.  They’ll use that to good effect against the Lions, who will have another tough one on their hands, but you can take the Falcons and the under.  Final score:  Lions 28, Falcons 27

Texas @ Titans:  The Titans are 3 point favorites, and the O/U is 44 points.  I just don’t know about the Titans right now.  They have beaten lesser teams, sure, but when pressed by the Steelers before their bye week, they just flat out sucked.  After being hammered early, they tried to fight back but to no avail.  The Texans are a good team, not a great team, trying to prove they are better than some people think they are.  I think they can do this.  Take the Texans and the under.  Final score:  Texans 24, Titans 17.

Broncos @ Dolphins:  Dolphins are 2 point favorites,  the O/U is 41½.  The Dolphins suck out loud. That simple.  Take the Broncos and the over.  Broncos 27,  Dolphins 21.

Chargers @ Jets:  The Chargers are 2 point favorites, the O/U is 43½ points.  The Jets are not a great team by any stretch of the imagination, their run game is less than ferocious, and Mark Sanchez looks lost under center.  The Chargers are just an all around better team.  Take the Chargers and the over.  Final score:  Chargers 31, Jets 13.

Bears @ Buccaneers:  The Bears are 1 point favorites, the O/U is 43½ points.  Both teams come off of  important wins last week. The Buccaneers played a very good Saints team and beat them, while the Bears won going away against the lowly Vikings, winning a divisional game they needed to win in order to stay in the hunt for a spot in the postseason.  I think the Bears, despite not having a better record, are the better team here, at least this week.  Take the Bears and the over.  Final score:  Bears 30, Bucs 24.

Panthers @ Redskins:  The Panthers are a 2½ point favorite, the O/U is 43½.  The Panthers offense will  expose the Redskins as being a very sub par on the defensive end,  the Redskins have no answer to Cam Newton that can contain him.  Take the Panthers and the over.  Final score:  Panthers 34, Redskins 18.

Chiefs @ Raiders:  The Raiders are 4½ point favorites, the O/U is 41.  Srsly?  This Chiefs team needs help, but they’ll not get any real help here.  The Chiefs suck.  Take the Raiders and the under. Final score:  Raiders  27, Chiefs 6.

Steelers @ Cardinals:  The Steelers are 3½ point favorites, the O/U is 44 points.  The Steelers have been beating the teams they are better than, and that trend should continue today. But this one could turn into a letdown game for them, with the Pats and Ravens both looming on the schedule the next two weeks.  I expect that if there is an real straight up dog to pick, it’s here.  Take the Cards and the under.  Final score:  Cardinals 24, Steelers 17.

Cowboys @ Rams:  The Cowboys are 13 point favorites, and the O/U is 43 points.  Srsly? part II.  This rams team has nothing, Bradford is hurt, and that’ll be enough to doom an already beaten team today. Cowboys romp.  Take the ‘Boys and the under.  Final score:  Cowboys 35, Rams 14.

Packers @ Vikings:  The Packers are 9 point favorites, the O/U is 47.  The Vikings may yet make some noise this season, now that Christian Ponder has been named the starting QB for them, great news for Vikes fans.  The Bad news?  He’s gonna get shellacked by the Pack, as a welcome by the NFL for his first career start.  Packers win easy here.  Take the Packers and the over.  Final score:  Packers 42, Vikings 27

Colts @ Saints:  The Saints are 14 point favorites, the O/U is 49½ points.  The Colts… what can you say? The whole world knows how important Peyton Manning is to this Colts team, and only now realize how strong his team has been around him.  Sad they couldn’t keep that up when Peyton went to get that surgery on his neck.  Take the Saints and the under.  Final score:  Saints 34, Colts 14.

Ravens @ Jaguars.  The Ravens are 8 point favorites, the O/U  is 40 points.  The Jags just have no offense at all.  Add to that the fat that they are playing one of the strongest defensive teams in the league, and what do you get?  A Shutout!  Ravens should be able to walk all over the Jags today.  Take the Ravens and the over.  Final score:  Ravens 37, Jaguars 0.


That’s about it from here, America.  G’night.

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