All troops out of Iraq by the end of the year.  All I can say is finally!  More joyous news I could not have heard today.  I can think of no greater thing to happen to our fine young American servicemen and women, the end of hostilities.  The beginning of a time when we can say that there is no member of our armed services who is in harms way in armed conflict, anywhere.  No more young men and women coming home mangled in war, physically and mentally.

The beginning of the end of a long train of bad decisions that began with the decision to invade Iraq in the first place.  Iraq, hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars down the drain.  Initially on a search for non- existent  WMD.   People knew back then, and I remember hearing of a man named Hans Blix, head of UNMOVIC at that point,  who said straight up that there were no WMD , because he had been with the UN weapons inspectors, and there had been no evidence of any.   Dr. Blix had stated that the U.S. government had dramatized the threat of Iraq in the attempt to make the case for war.

The end of this war is the end of a dark chapter of lies told to the American people, that killed thousands of our countrymen for political gain while killing tens of thousands of Iraqis who would have lived the uneventful lives that common people live around the world for no other reason than that they were in the country that was lead by that madman Saddam Hussein.

It’s good to see our people coming back to home and hearth.  We would be a lesser people, if all that came out of this failure of a war was its outcome.  But we have much more, we have our people back from the war.  Let’s keep them home.  Enough people have died in the name of political conquest for this country.  Let this war be our last war of dominion, let there be peace.  And when we bring our men and women home from Afghanistan, maybe we can have peace.

Not world peace, that is a crazy dream, but American peace, where we have no irons in the fires of war, anywhere.  It’d be nice.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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