No Series For Me

I’m not watching the world series.  To be honest I am simply not interested.  Partly it’s because my team didn’t make it, but it has at least as much to do with the fact that the teams involved really aren’t that interesting.  What is compelling about the Cardinals?  Albert Pujols potentially getting a ring?  I’m more interested in seeing his blood test results.  I’m convinced he’s on roids, he’s as dirty as Clemens was, and dirtier than A-Rod ever was.

What about the Texas story?  Is there one?  Josh Hamilton?  I don’t see it, an ATHLETE succeeding at an athletic pursuit is not exactly compelling.  They lost last year.  Can they win this year? Who cares? I wasn’t interested in any teams from Texas from last year, and they haven’t done anything to change that.

I’m more interested in Moammar Khaddafi eating death for lunch in his hometown. The video that came out from there was a bit graphic, but not too bad, and it was clearly him, and in the first one he was a bloody mess, but alive, and the next one he was dead as a damned doornail.  That means the war there is over.  That also means that the WMD that he had there are now floating around.  That should be fun that comes back to bite someone in the ass at some point.

I’m more interested in just how hard America would get screwed if that idiot Cain gets to the white house.  9-9-9 screws the poor and helps the rich.  We’ve seen that crap before.   And we have a responsibility as Americans to make sure that this stupid crap doesn’t happen again.  We had that happen from 2001 to 2009 and it fucked the economy.  We don’t need that bullshit happening twice.

I’m more interested in the fact that I have a decent paying job.  I had a bad day at work, I just couldn’t do anything right after 1:00pm.  But ya know, bad days happen.  I’ll get over it.  I’m happy to have a bad day working at a job I like, beats a good day at a shitty job, or being out of work and short of money.  Yes, it is a temp job, and it can end any time, but at this point it’s going well, and I may well get hired.  Plenty of people like me there, and I work hard, even if I make mistakes on occasion.

I’m more interested in running.  And in hockey, and football picks, and enjoying time with my wife, and Occupy Wall Street, and maybe even trying to gain a few pounds (all this running and eating right has me down under 160 pounds for the first time since my late teens, back in the 1980’s) back than watching baseball.

There is just too much going on for me to be interested in strangers from places I don’t go to playing a sport whose season ended for me a while back.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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