Late Night Money Talk

A 9% income tax.  A 9% corporate tax.  A 9% national sales tax.  This is Herman Cain’s plan.

State sales tax and other taxes on top of it.  Soc. Sec. taxes on top of that.  Medicare taxes on top of that.

I don’t know, I really don’t see it working.  Why 9%? Why the flat tax, with people who make $10,000 a year paying the same tax rate as those who make $100,000,000? Makes no sense to me.  Those who have more and can do more should do more.  Flat tax puts an onerous burden on those who make less, because they can not afford to pay as much, and it is unfair to expect the poor to pay the same percentage of taxes as the rich.  It is elitism, plain and simple.

Now 9% doesn’t sound too bad, but that 9% national sales tax hits the poor harder, because they have less money.  9% corporate tax rate, sounds nice, but like I said, the rich should pay more because they can, if they are the pillars of society they seem to be, that they act like, they should shoulder the burden.  9% paid by the 1% sounds wrong when the 99% who have so much less have to pay as much as the billionaires.

I agree with Mr. Cain that the tax system needs to be fixed.  His fix looks like it would make the problem worse.

9% here is not an even 9%, and therefore not a just and proper system of taxation. But then again, who thinks that anyone with the word “Presidential Candidate” attached to them would try to create a just and proper system of taxation?  That doesn’t happen in the real world.  Not in 2011.


There is much thought around that the current spate of debit fee increases for usage (or whatever they are charging us for, the dishonest bastards) that there was collusion between a number of big businesses looking to make up for new legal limits on fees cards can charge. They lose money one way because the government is trying to protect us from getting gouged by outrageous fees, and they add additional fees to skirt those laws and increasing the amount we the consumer pay.

Bank of America will make MORE money doing this than they made with regular transaction fees.

Fucking thieves.

And these people probably wonder why there are people out demonstrating against corporate greed.   We the people, who want to be treated fairly, keep getting shafted by the unfree market, who call their market free, to hide the thievery in plain sight, who try to steal our money by any means necessary.

Which is why we have what we have in Zucotti park.


Things the world needs to make things better.

Higher taxes on the rich.

Higher taxes on luxury items.

Laws that make unethical financial actions illegal, even if the underlying financial transactions themselves are not.

A statement from all the fortune 500 companies that no big business should ever be able to go without paying any taxes, and that they all should pay at least as much tax, percentage wise, as a median income family of four pays in taxes.

Higher pay.  Higher minimum wage.

A high end cap for prices on staple items, like bread, milk, gasoline, electricity and the like.

An understanding that no single thing, decreasing or increasing taxes, getting rid of lobbyists, etc, etc,  will fix all the economic problems in society. An understand that we have 7 billion problems, and we need 7 billion solutions, each tailored to the individuals who have those problems. An understanding that mass solutions let masses of people fall through the cracks in the system, and that in and of itself is one of societies largest problems. An understanding that some problems will never be solved in time, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to fix them, to make the effort.

The death of Grover Norqvist.  That man is the fucking devil, and the world would be a better place without him in it.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night!


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