A Good Day

It’s about quarter to ten right now, and life could not be better.

My wife is back home, after being on the road for over a week in California.  Work is actually fun, I really like the work that I am doing.  That I am a  freelancer is not lost on me, but the work is enjoyable, and for now that is enough.  I’m getting my first paycheck from that job sometime this week, which is nice, and unexpected.  I’m running every day, and have gone over 1,500 miles for the first time ever.  I’ve gotten enough sleep for 2 nights in a row, which makes everything easier.

I’m happy to have my wife back home, having her around just makes life more bearable.  She’s working behind me, and just having her here to talk to, to listen to me, and listening to her, helping her with whatever she needs help with, just makes my life happier.

Couldn’t do it without you, hon.

The work has been enjoyable.  Doing work for people who are easy to work with is a big deal for me.  I’ve worked for people (not all but most) who were anything but that, and did it for a great many years, and it made the work that much harder.   Doing work for people who appreciate the things you are bringing them is also a big deal, because for years I had the exact opposite from the vast majority of my superiors and co-workers, and it made a hard job harder to do.  I don’t miss the copy center work, not even a little.

I was not expecting a check until the 28th of the month.  Found out I’m getting a check in the next few days, they cut the check tomorrow.  Nice, it’ll be a small check, 5 days pay, but it’ll be the largest check I’ve received as pay in over 2 years.  I think it’ll be larger than anything I got from Sotheby’s, and it won’t have any overtime on it.  Curious to see this first check.    Happy that I’m getting paid.  As much as you may have gathered about my enjoyment of the job itself, I don’t do it for the sheer joy of working with and for the people I work with.  Mikey needs a money!

And I actually got to play perhaps the nicest guitar I have ever played.  A Hauser Guitar from 1940.  You may never have heard of them.  Hauser is an important guitar maker, who have made classical guitars (and other stringed instruments) for well over 100 years.  The guitar itself looked… well…  Blond body, nice rosewood fretboard (i think.) Nylon strings, very loose, the action was dead on, very nice for a 70-year-old instrument.  It played like a dream, it was perhaps the easiest acoustic guitar to play that I have ever gotten my hands on.  It was great.  A once in a lifetime chance to play a guitar that costs more than I will ever hope to make in a year, and played better than any guitar I’ve ever laid hands on.

The running has been as smooth for me as playing that guitar is.  I’m over 1500 miles for the year.  I can’t get over it.  I worked and sweated and strained last year to get close to that number, and missed!  This year? I reached that number, and passed it with 81 days left to go in the year.  I’ve been running longer on average each day than I have any other year, taking less days off, and I haven’t lost a step.  Averaging roughly what I was averaging speed wise last year and the year before while going longer.

1,512.24 miles and counting.  If I keep running the average amount of miles I have been running per day, and don’t take a day off, I will run for over 2,000 miles before the year is over.  THAT is impressive, even if it still sounds unlikely to my ears, at least right now.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.  Football prognostication tomorrow, methinks.


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