Who Do You Stand For?

Lobbyists have the ears of Washington’s elite, and you can ask what are these  protestors doing in Zucotti park?

Lobbyists are given knowledge about what is going on in congressional meetings, the public is not, and you can ask why are these protestors in Zucotti park?

K street lobbyists, lobbying for multi-billion dollar conglomerates, seek more power over the American economy, and you question the motives and focus of the protestors in Zucotti park?

Who are you to call the protestors names?  I have heard them called dirty hippies, cretins, scumbags, leeches and the like.  Why?  They are trying to fight against these lobbyists who want to do more of the same to the system that they have done to it for the last umpteen years, doing more and more damage to our great nation.  The Lobbyists fight for looser controls of the banking industry. Influence peddling is a byword that is used everyday in the halls of congress thanks to the business interests of this nation.

Do they have a right to ask for help from congress? Yes.  The same right that I do.  But I can’t be there, they can.  I can’t make congress hear my voice except with a vote.  Business has billions of dollars to spend and they spend lavishly, I have not a dime to my name.  So I lose.

In come the protestors, seeking to halt the influence, seeking  to instill moral behavior, trying to get America and themselves working, and you can speak as if these kids don’t know what they are doing? You call them a mob?

I speak this way because I hear the voices of people speak publicly about these fine outstanding American citizens who are defending their nation against the predations of the un-free market (the concept of free market is a lie) as if they themselves were what is wrong with America, when that is clearly not the case.

Eric Cantor, you are an idiot.  Ann Coulter, you too are an idiot.  There are plenty more like them.  They see only what they want to see, skew the truth to hide from reality, make up their own facts and act as if they are the only reality.

They wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up and bit them on the ass.


Viddy of the day: REVOLT! Dennis Trainor Jr. live at Freedom Plaza, Oct. 6th 2011


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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