I am sitting in a semi-darkened room, alone on a Saturday night.  The only sounds I can hear are the sounds of the radio I am listening to, which is currently playing a version of Bach’s Jesu, Joy of man’s desiring.  A version played by Christopher Parkening.  A truly great talent, one of the best of a generation, perhaps even equal to Master Segovia.

The mood is a somewhat subdued one tonight.  Relaxed and subdued.

My wife is not home, and I miss her presence, the smell of her hair, her joyous laugh, her smile.  It’ll only be a few more days.

I am tired, I have been for several days, and that does not look to change anytime soon.

I have work tomorrow, a full day of it, it should not be too difficult though. Except for waking up early.  I’ll be up by 4:45 tomorrow morning, prepping myself for a seven mile pre-dawn run.  The it’s back to the house to feed cats, shower, and get to work.

My feet are up, and the music has changed.  Now Sharon Isbin is playing, of all things, Drunken Sailor.  If you are a fan of Football, you know the song.  Trust me on this.  Though admittedly i’ve never heard it given a classical rendering before, and I must say she has imagined the piece magnificently.

I, the guitarist, have always marveled at the capacity of classical guitarists to play the instrument at such heights of technical proficiency.  The multiple harmonies intertwined, the ability to play to several lines of music simultaneously.  Speed picking a line while holding down a three note repeating line underneath it, has always enthralled.

And musician though I am, I simply can’t do it. So I listen, and hope someday to unravel the puzzle, to figure out how to make my fingers do what my brain says now is too difficult, but which I am working on nonetheless.

And then Master Segovia comes on. No reason to even try to imagine playing what he played.  Just sit back and enjoy the sound of the greatest guitarist ever.

Look up from my computer screen and my keyboard.

See the clothes I have wear for work tomorrow.

Smile.  My line of thinking immediately changes from music to work.

At least I have a job, temp job though it is, I think to myself.

There are millions who would love to have the headache of having to wake up early on a Sunday morning to provide for their families.  I’m still a temp, I know that regardless of what happens, unless and/or until I am hired, I will be one of those underemployed who is simply not making enough to give my wife and myself what we want and need.  What we need is a way to get these people employed.

Occupy wall street has the right Idea.  Sit in earshot of those cheap bastards, and make them pay attention.  Make them notice that they goofed up, and that they need to rectify that mistake or it will come back to haunt them, in the form of more and more unemployed just showing up at their door, yelling “let us in!”


I was listening to someone say something about these “kids” at Occupy wall street need to focus, come up with a single demand. This person (someone I’ve known all my life and look up to) also said they were right to protest because their futures have been taken from them. Same person mentioned something about how they should be afraid that if wall street was brought down it would take pensions and futures with them. Something to that effect.

Silliness.    To say that they need to focus and come up with a single demand in the face of the statement “these kids have no future” is silly.  That one demand is as clear as day, if you listen to them, even if you read what I just read and did nothing else.

These kids one demand is  “We Want Our Future Back!” or more aptly put “We Want Our Moral Future Back!” as most of their demands (and there are a number of them) are almost all based on moral behavior being made the focus of business in America, rather than simply using humans as machines to make money for other humans.

And no one is trying to bring down wall street, whatever that means.  The point isn’t to destroy the system.  It is to point out that the system is failing us.  Even if it worked for another generation years back, that doesn’t mean it can still fix what is happening here now.  And maybe, just maybe,  OWS can get them to change things enough where things CAN work better for all of us.

Or Wall Street can laugh while it destroys America while ignoring the problem they have laid at their own front door.

AND if OWS  is unfocused, then I want to be unfocused like them.  Their moral focus is stronger than any moral focus I’ve seen from any leader, business, government, or religious in my lifetime.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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