A Few Short Statements

I love it when people take principled stands against the wrongs that exist in this world.  I found out about one such stand today.  Looking around the internet for news I on google, I found myself curious to see the name of the greatest enemy of freedom in this country today in the top stories spotlight.  I was curious, so I clicked, and found out that a Republican representative named Frank Wolf, a longtime member of congress from that state made a long and impassioned speech against Grover Norqvist.

He stood up to the biggest bully on the right, in public, and called him out.  Said that Stupor Grover’s anti-tax pledge was paralyzing congress in its attempts to push through debt crisis legislation, he expressed concern for the amount of influence he, a lobbyist, carries in Washington. He also railed against his many unsavory professional relationships, from known terrorist financiers to known felons.

If you would like to read the speech he gave, you can read it, and hear it, here.  Listen, read, and learn about why Grover Norqvist is the greatest enemy of freedom in America alive today.


Steve Jobs is dead.  That sucks, don’t like to see anyone die before their time. That said, is it a bad thing that I wasn’t moved by his death?  Is it a bad thing that I think of his influence on the world as almost entirely negative?  That he has brought us nothing but shiny, expensive toys that are entirely unnecessary?  I’m sure he was a great guy, but C’mon, he was just not that important in the real world.


I didn’t get to see it, but from what I can tell, the first official goal of the NHL season was scored by the Boston Bruins, Brad Marchand, on the power play, with assists from Tyler Seguin and Joe Corvo.   I’d prefer it to have been a Ranger goal, but since the Rangers don’t actually play until tomorrow afternoon, I figured that would be highly un-zarking-likely.

I also liked it because it was scored against the Flyers, and as we all know the Flyers are from the shittiest sports city in America, Philadelphia.


There were a number of altercations between police and protestors at Occupy Wall street yesterday.  Bunch of protestors got their asses handed to them.  I watched the video of a few of the altercations.  Some might call it disturbing, and it was, but it was angering beyond the simple cop beating a guy who didn’t deserve it concept that is always wrong. It was their stupid yammering bullshit that got to me.  These guys are idiots!  Some of them were really talking shit.  Two fat ass clowns talking about beating people, and that one can’t wait to beat more of them.  Other cops saying “I’m just doing my job.”

Fuck you, you are NOT doing your job when you beat people who are not resisting.  Cops used to have a good name, being a cop meant having dignity, and respect, once upon a time.  Not anymore.  Fat bastards who talk shit and others who hide behind platitudes and lies like these bums do give all cops a bad name, it’s a bunch of shit.

Ya know…  Some cops are better than that, tis true, they don’t all deserve the statement above being aimed at them.  But enough do, where those cops that are the good ones really need to find these rat jack-off bastards, pull them to the side, and explain that being an asshole is a lifestyle, and not part of their job description, and that they should leave their lifestyles at home when they come to work.


A job is a happy thing to have.  If more jobs were available, if pay were better, benefits were better, and companies that have money, and plenty have tons of money, This whole occupy wall street thing would not be happening.  What America needs to do is hire these kids, they’re clearly smart, and motivated, trying to make the world a better place, and make a place for themselves.

They are the future of this nation, don’t treat them like shit unless you want your and their future to be shit.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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