I got into an argument on twitter about occupy wall street.  It was a silly argument, truth be told.  The person I was arguing with was saying that… let’s see if I can remember the charges here… the protestors are money-grubbing dirt-bag hippies who want a handout from wall street.  Another curious claim was that protest leaders put out some crap about Radiohead or some such band playing the protest to get people there, or some such.

Some stupid bullshit like that, not the persons words exactly, but it is what the person meant.

A number of the protestors are college kids/hippie types, true, but there are a lot of other protestors as well.  Out of work middle aged men and women, union workers out to support the protestors.  Some have jobs, some don’t.   In this economy to be out of work doesn’t have a stigma attached to it, it means the job you had screwed you in some way, shape, or form at some point.

Like it did me.  I have been bouncing between jobs for the last few years because of one particularly nasty bastard.

I technically have 3 jobs right now (you’d never know it the way I rant, but that’s because they haven’t called me in to work in far too long, SUCKS not working full time) even though I have not worked any of them in a while.  Told the guy I was arguing with that I was working today.  The argument, like I said was a bit silly.

Clearly I wasn’t working, but then again he said he was working as well, and all he was doing was tweeting with me, and others, mocking the occupy wall street movement.  Not gonna let some smart ass punk feed me shit, but he got me to be stupid while being an idiot himself.  Dammit.

He was hammering the right wing talking points, yakking about these people like they were meat instead of people.  About how they simply have no clue, when it was abundantly clear that he didn’t have a clue about why they were there.  He talked like the protestors are there because the rich are rich and they aren’t, and that they want a piece of the pie for free.

Clearly untrue.

The protestors are there because the Banksters (as they are called) stole our future.  A lot of people need work, millions of people need work and these “Job creators”, despite holding billions back in offshore accounts (and I can get specific if you need me to,) are holding back money and refuse to hire.  THEY are responsible for the lackluster economy more than anyone.  And that is with the tax rates as low as they are (ask GE or Exxon about how high the tax rates are) and have been for the past decade.

We gave them bailouts.  They haven’t done anything productive with them.  The Fed printed trillions for them, to save them.  And STILL they sit on the money like they have nothing, and they hold back the economy for their own wants and desires.

We’ve been lied to, shit on and fucked with about this crap for a dogs age, and frankly we’re sick of it.

And asshat defended them, like they’ve done something good for America, when they’ve been screwing us for years.

And the only people I heard that Radiohead crap from was from the occupy wall street haters, never once heard a member of the protest say word one about Radiohead.  Not one.

Still… I feel a bit dumb, as I should, about being punked into stating a clear non truth, by some douche-bag who goaded me into a fight. Dammit.

Moral of the story: Conservatives hate America.


Back at ya in a few, America.

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