The To Do List

Things to do:

1)  Get a full time permanent job:  I have technically signed on to work as a freelancer for a company, haven’t given their name here because I don’t want them scouring the web and finding my rants with their name on them,  might put them off their lunches, and that is never good for anyone. I ain’t mopping that crap up.  I hope you noticed I said freelancer up top.  Note it doesn’t say full time permanent.  That’s why I have to keep looking for work.  For those who live without, trying to get back to full time employment is their full time job, and it’s no different with me.

2)  Go to occupy wall street I have talking about this so much here, and on twitter with people far and wide, reading about it, talking about it, looking for news about it, raging about the abuse those poor girls took at the hands of officer Bologna, that it would seem a fait accompli that I go there and add my voice to theirs, show my displeasure with the system that has screwed me so hard that I have been bouncing around ill paying jobs for the better part of 2½ years, to the point of having to declare bankruptcy.

Just to walk up there and shout “Fuck You” at the bastards that are in large part responsible for destroying the peace and serenity in my life would be a beautifully cathartic moment in and of itself.  Talking afterwards about how best to reform the system, and the problems of implementation would be the cherry on top.

Plus, someone needs to show the protestors how to break out of a kettle.


Viddy of the day:  Sepultura –  Refuse/Resist


To think that because those who wield power in society wield in the end that of government, therefore it is of no use to attempt to influence the constitution of the government by acting on opinion, is to forget that opinion is itself one of the greatest active social forces. One person with a belief is a social power equal to ninety-nine who have only interests.

John Stuart Mill, On Representative Government


3) Get active in politics:  I mean active in politics, not just writing about it, but participating in it.  The world is going to hell in a hand-basket in large part because people TALK too much and don’t DO enough.  And I am as guilty as the next person, maybe more than the next person, seeing how I rant at a loose end about the subject enough. Perhaps getting #2 done will get me moving towards getting this one done.  Perhaps.

4)  Run a race this year:  I have run nearly 1,400 miles this year so far.  My personal best distance wise for a year is 1,473 miles, so this is easily going to be my best running year ever, and the one thing that would really top it off for me would be running a race. Maybe even a long one.  Not a marathon though, if only because of cost.  I’ve priced several of them, the cheapest one is $65. Most cost more than that.  And, if you read the first bit of this article, you know money is short here at Das Rhino Hacienda, so it doesn’t make sense to spend that much on running.

5)  Go to the winter classic in Philadelphia:  I love hockey.   I wanted to go to the one in Edmonton years back but was inconveniently 2000 miles away from the proceedings.  It’s nearly in my backyard this time, less than 200 miles away, and my team, the Rangers is in it. Repeat after me.  MIKEY WANTS.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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