Saturday Night Idle Talk

It seems that the mainstream media has decided to start reporting on Occupy Wall Street.  And what happens?  80 people get arrested. And what were they charged with? Obstructing governmental administration.  Which is a load of crap.  These young men and women were walking down the street, and apparently following orders, staying within the orange nets meant to keep them from going where the cops didn’t want them to go.

The protesters are staying in Zuccotti park, in sleeping bags and tents.  Guess what? Camping gear and sleeping bags have now been banned as of today.

I tell you, it’s abuse by local government of the locals.  Just friggin wonderful.  Sounds like bullshit to me.  Mayor Bloomberg (who I didn’t vote for, BTW) needs to back the hell up with this and get his trained dogs off of the people’s back.

So much for government of the people, by the people and for the people.  These protesters are “the people” just as much as anyone else in that area.  Creating rules of conduct after the fact, like the no sleeping bag rule in Zuccotti park, is an improper use of government  power.

But this is what happens when civil disobedience is aimed at the powers that be.  That they react this way is not unexpected.  Can’t wait to see how stupidly the police react when these fine upstanding patriots keep standing their ground and keep the protests going despite cracking down on them.

And if you don’t think arresting 80 people for no good reason is cracking down, you have a very skewed view of reality.


Viddy of the day:  Occupy Wall Street Police Abuse.  The viddy ends at the 2:16 mark, the last 16 seconds are just frozen image with no sound.  And no I have no idea who the Luke Richardson mentioned by the girl at the end of the viddy is, but I presume it is not the former NHL player who is a coach with the Ottawa Senators.


I am sitting here, at 11:30 at night, with a happily full stomach, with my feet up, resting and relaxing, enjoying having a place to rest my head for the night.   I live in a small apartment on a quiet street with a great view of asphalt and other peoples apartments and cars, and I’m happy for the view.  It isn’t much but it’s mine, and my wife’s, and I’m happy just to have a place to rest my head and call home.

I have headphones on, listening to Frank Sinatra, after a very easy day.  Woke up to the alarm clock, at 8:00 am, so I could be ready to get moving early.  I went to my parents house and helped them do some work around their house, move furniture, help with moving stuff after painting last week. I did my laundry there as well.  Shouldn’t but I’m broke and if I had the money to spend, the $7 or so to do the laundry elsewhere I would.  I don’t so I didn’t.  That took a few hours.

If I had a job, I would have been able to get my stuff done for myself, but might not have been able to get down and help my parents with stuff around the house for them.  One hand washes the other is the correct term methinks, though I think I need them more than they need me, but I’m happy to help, and they seem happy to help me, so it’s all good.

So when I begin working (hopefully) next week, will that mean I won’t be there to help them?  Of course not.  My life is service, and these people gave me life, the least I could do is help them with the little stuff.

And plus, the laundromat sucks. They don’t have free coffee.  🙂


Nasa’s UARS satellite went sploosh today, and disappeared.  So did  Rick Perry’s chances of becoming President, after losing the Florida straw poll to Herman Cain, the only black man in America who doesn’t give a shit about poor people.


Moshe Dayan

Still unsure about the whole Palestinian statehood thing.  On it’s face it sounds like the right thing to do.  Give the Palestinians a homeland, which shuts a whole lot of anti-Israeli and anti-western Muslims up about one of the largest rifts that exist in Arab-western relations.  In the best case scenario this ends all conflict in the area.

On the other hand, since best case rarely happens, you can see this leading to one helluva war in the region happening, can’t you?  The Israelis will say the Palestinians launched missiles at them,which they do, out of sheer barbarism or hate of israel, one being as good as the other, and will invade the fledgling Palestinian state, which will lead to Syria, Jordan and Egypt invading Israel.  Which leads to everyone finding out just how effective the military in Israel is.

They won the last few times things got hairy, but as they say in the investing world, past performance is no indicator of potential future success.   The Israelis no longer have Moshe Dayan guiding the military.  One wonders how much that mans military genius protected Israel during the ’67 and ’73 wars.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

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