Ninety-Nine Percent

Loving the Occupy Wall Street thing that is going on.  Several hundred people protesting the kleptocracy, as some call it, that controls much of this nation.  Absolutely love it. These fine people are standing and fighting for the rest of us, the other 99% that DON’T own America

Thing is, almost no one knows about it.  It goes completely uncovered by any mainstream news outlet.  Not even left leaning MSNBC has touched it.  Current TV has, but Mr. Olbermann and his network seem alone in wanting to cover this.  I understand there are other things going on in the world, but what do 1,000 people fighting the system have to do to get noticed by CNN or MSNBC?  The New York Times, whose people have to walk through it to get to their offices, ignored it for a week.  Why?

Simple.  They don’t give a shit about hundreds, perhaps up to 1,000 kids screaming in protest if they aren’t members of the bigoted, twisted un-American group known as the tea party. Because that’s what the media conglomerates think of them as.  Kids.  Not voters.  People they don’t have to take seriously.  The media is forgetting of course that these kids, who are anything but children are representative of a much larger group of people, most of whom couldn’t get to the protest for one reason or another. Like living thousands of miles away… or their being kept completely in the dark about it.

There would be more if more people knew about it.

Millions of us are disenfranchised and looking for a way to express that disenfranchisement, disillusionment and anger at what has been done to us. Occupy Wall Street is being blacked out by the media for a reason.  They don’t want that nerve struck here in America, they don’t want that anger, that disenfranchisement tapped. They’re uncertain as to what would happen and therefore afraid of the results of letting the entire nation know that there are people on the ground protesting their corporate masters.

Millions of us are disgusted with the way things are being done.  We bailed these billionaires out, and how do they thank us?  Withholding  boatloads of money that this economy could sorely use, and then making seem like it’s America’s fault for not making taxes low enough for them to bring the money back.

Fuck them.

These fine outstanding citizens at Occupy Wall Street deserve our attention and our praise, but most of all, they deserve to hear the outrage that all of us feel at the things these billionaires have done to us.  They deserve to see us stand with them, to see our faces in their midst, hear our voices join their chorus, and stand with them and against those on wall street who have made this world the unholy mess that it is.

I’ll get there when I can, I’ve been busy.  Keep a spot open for me.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

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