They Did It

They did it.

They executed him.

He was innocent, from most accounts, of the crime which he was charged with. 

I understand that the family of the victim wants closure.  I really do.  But here is where the rubber meets the road; He didn’t do it.

The supreme court didn’t allow a stay of the execution, and because of that an innocent man is dead.

The testimony was circumspect, 7 of 9 recanted.

Bastards killed him, in the name of justice.

But what is justice but the upholding of moral rightness?  And where is moral rightness upheld in killing an innocent man.

That off duty cop that was killed was an innocent man, but he was not killed, by all accounts, by the man executed tonight.

So we now fall back on a different meaning of justice, the administration of punishment.

The man who killed that cop is walking free, and a second innocent man is dead because of it, and us.

Such is life and death in terms of justice.  That cop will never breath again, and a second innocent had to die to appease the concept of justice in the minds of those who have to administer it.

Someone had to die after all.  Why not an innocent?  The people demand blood, and they got what they wanted.  The justice of getting that blood made no difference to them.

Blood always follows blood.


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