Is finding something you love doing that you can spend your whole life doing and never get tired of it.

Is a  good book in bed at midnight, after a day of doing the things you need to get done, and not having a hard time doing them.

Is a second cup of coffee and donut.  The first is nice but the second is always better.

Is singing a song you haven’t heard in years, remembering the words, and still being able to hit all the notes.

Is a contented cat on the rocking chair and a happy wife skritching him.

Is a  few bucks in the bank, good food in the fridge, and nothing to do and all day to do it in.

Is finding a cause for which to fight, a reason to stand up for someone other than yourself, and someone to stand with you as you fight.

Is not a piece of plastic with a magnetic strip on it that helps you buy things you do not need.

Is listening to Vince Guaraldi whenever you damn well feel like it.

Is an ice cream sandwich after dinner with the person you love.

Is never going to show up if you look for it.

Is a road, not a destination.  A cliché yes, but true nonetheless.  It became a cliché for a reason.

Is something that some people want to destroy because they cannot feel it themselves.

Is not something that can be quantified.

Is knowing that no matter how hard today is, tomorrow will be better.

Doesn’t cost anything, and pays you in ways that your wallet just can’t appreciate.

Doesn’t pay the bills, but the bills never were interested in your happiness anyway, so why sweat them?

Is hard to come by some days, but easier on others, so when it doesn’t show today, wait for tomorrow.

is Patience.

Is A warm gun is a very nice song, but happiness is not a warm gun.

Is a warm bed on a cold night.

Has nothing to do with technology.

: A nine letter word that is worth 16 points in scrabble.

Is worth more than all the tea in china.

Isn’t something you will ever find if you watch politics too closely, for politics is the art of making people crazy by telling them that truth is not true, and that reality is not real.

Not something you can find in a bottle.  Not in any of the ones I’ve searched in, anyway.

Is faster, smarter, and better than misery.

Is realizing that karma is a silly thought, thought by people that want to see bad things happen to people they don’t like, or good things happen to people who don’t have enough good things happen to them.

Is a guitarist listening to old Andres Segovia performances, a dancer watching old viddies of Martha Graham, A painter looking at an old Picasso.

Is most of all something I wish for each of you.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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