MAN, did my picks SUCK last week!  But that shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all these are the WILDLY INACCURATE picks.  Gotta live up to, or more accurately down to that name, I guess.

Let’s look at that inaccuracy, shall we?  In the order of the picks.

No pick for the Packers/ Saints game.  Oops.

1) Falcons @ Bears;  My pick: Take the Falcons(+3) and the Over (40½.)  Final score: Falcons 27, Bears 17.  Actual score: Bears 30, Falcons 12. Bears and the over was the right pick.  LOSE on the over under/LOSE on the pick against the spread.

2) Bengals @Browns;  My pick:  Take the Browns(+6½) and the Under (35½.)  Final Score: Browns 21, Bengals 3.  Actual Score: Bengals 27, Browns 17.  Bengals and the Over was the right pick.  LOSE/LOSE.

3)  Bills @ Chiefs;  My pick: Take the Bills(-6) and the Over(40.)  Final Score:  Chiefs 27, Bills 24.  Actual score:  Bills 41, Chiefs 7.  Bills and the over was the right pick.  WIN/WIN.

4) Lions @ Buccaneers;  My pick: Take the Bucs(+2) and the Over(41½.)  Final Score:  Bucs 38, Lions 31. Actual score:  Lions 27, Bucs 20.  Lions and the over was the right pick.  WIN/LOSE.

5) Eagles @ Rams; My pick:  Take the Eagles(+5) and the Under(44.)  Final Score: Eagles 27, Rams 13.  Actual score: Eagles 31, Rams 13.  Eagles and the over was the right pick. LOSE/WIN.

6) Titans @ Jaguars; My pick:  Take the Titans(-2) and the Over(37.)  Final Score: Titans 30, Jaguars 14.  Actual score: Jaguars 16, Titans 14.  Jaguars and the under was the right pick.  LOSE/LOSE.

7) Colts @ Texans; My pick:  Take the Colts(-9) and the Over(43½.)  Final Score:  Texans 42, Colts 38.  Actual score:  Texans 34, Colts 7.  Texans and the under was the right pick.  LOSE/LOSE.

If you think you are noticing a trend here, you would be correct… which is more than I was capable of being.  To continue…

8 ) Steelers @Ravens; My pick:  Take the Steelers(-2½) and the Over (36.)  Final Score:  Steelers 24, Ravens 21.  Actual score:  Ravens 35,  Steelers 7.  Ravens and the over was the right pick.  WIN/LOSE.

9) Panthers @ Cardinals; My pick:  Take the Cards(+7) and the Under(37.)  Final Score:  Cardinals 24, Panthers 10 Actual score:  Cardinals 28, Panthers 21.  Cards and the over was the right pick.  LOSE/WIN.

10) Vikings @ Chargers;  My pick:  Take the Vikings(-8½) and the Over(42.)  Final Score:  Vikings 31, Chargers 28. Actual score: Chargers 24, Vikings 17.  Vikings and the under was the right pick: LOSE/WIN.

11) Seahawks @49ers:  My pick:  Take the 49ers(+5½) and the Over(38).  Final Score:  49ers 27, Seahawks 20.  Actual score:  49ers 33, Seahawks 17.  49ers and the over was the right pick.  WIN/WIN.

12) Giants @Redskins; My pick:  Take the Giants(+3) and the Over(39).  Final Score: Giants 34, Redskins 17. Actual score:  Redskins 28, Giants 14.  Redskins and the over was the right pick.  WIN/LOSE.

13) Cowboys @ Jets;  My pick: Take the Cowboys(-4½) and the Under(40½.)  Final Score: Cowboys 21, Jets 16. Actual score:  Jets 27, Cowboys 24.  Cowboys and the over was the right pick.  LOSE/WIN.

14)  Patriots @Dolphins;  My pick:  Take the Pats(+7) and the Over(45½.)  Final Score:  Patriots 42, Dolphins 28.  Actual score:  Patriots 38, Dolphins 24.  Pats and the over was the right pick.  WIN/WIN.

15)  Raiders @Broncos:  My pick:  Take the Raiders(-3)and the Over(40½.)  Final Score:  Raiders 36, Broncos 20. Actual score:  Raiders 23, Broncos 20.  Pick was a push, only one of the week, Over was correct. WIN/PUSH.

7 wins, 8 losses as far as O/U goes.  7 wins, 7 losses, 1 push w/ picks.


Frankly I thought I did much worse than that.    But some of those losses were just ridiculously bad.

I was so wrong on the Ravens game, and the Bears game, and the Browns game, and the Colts game,  that it cancels out the good picks I had with the Niners and the Patriots.  The Chiefs wasn’t a good pick, despite being a win/win.  I still had the Chiefs winning by 3 but losing ATS. The score disparity was HUGE.  That win feels like a loss, and should.  Ya, I won seven games, but it feels like I lost 100 this week.

But you tell me that YOU seriously expected the Steelers to turn the ball over 7 times.  Tell me YOU expected Ryan Fitzpatrick to toss 4 TD’s, have a qb rating of 133, and for the bills to outgain the AFC west defending champs by 150 yards.  I don’t know that anyone expected the Colts to walk over the Texans, but I don’t think anyone expected the Colts to get only 1 TD either.

My personal favorite goof was me saying that Arian Foster would run over the Colts.  He didn’t even play.  JOY!


That’s it from here, America.  Week 2 picks tomorrow.  G’night.


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