Hockey’s a month away.  NASCAR is for idiots that can’t make right turns.  No one watches tennis.  The excitement in baseball is a month away.

Time for some football.  Let’s do some picks.

Now I can’t do the Packers – Saints game, that one is water under the bridge, but if you read my WILDLY INACCURATE picks for the year I did kinda talk about it, vaguely.  I said the Saints were going to come out of the gate 0-3.  Kinda stands to reason that they can’t beat Green Bay and do that, ya know?

So, I’m calling that a pick of the Packers, and that makes me 1-0 going into the week 1 picks.

Here’s the rest of my picks.


Falcons @Bears  Sunday 1:00 pm on Fox.   Falcons are 3 point favorites, Over/Under is 40 ½.  Falcons RB Michael Turner is going to have a damn good game against the Bears.  But damn good against the Bears means maybe 80 yards, and 1 touch if he gets lucky.  Roddy White is going to loom large in this game, and will get open enough to drive the Bears’ O nuts.  The Bears’ O will have the same issues that they had last year, meaning the line will be porous and the Falcons D will get a lot of pressure on Cutler.

Take the Falcons and the over.  Final score: Falcons 27, Bears 17.

Bengals @ Browns Sunday 1:00 pm on CBS.  Browns are 6½ point favorites, O/U is 35½ points.  Bengals suck.  They have some talent on offense. Some. Not a lot.  Cedric Benson, a rookie  and a second year receiver and… that’s about it.  The Browns are much the same.   Peyton Hillis and Cedric Benson might provide some offense.  Beyond that, this is a snoozer.

Take the Browns and the Under.  Final Score: Browns 21, Bengals 3.

Bills @ Chiefs Sunday 1:00 pm on CBS.  Chiefs are 6 point favorites, O/U is 40 points.  The Chiefs are a very good team, but I don’t know that they will repeat last year’s performance.  The Bills should be able to gain at least some traction offensively. Fred Jackson should be able to get some decent yardage against the Chiefs this week, and if Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick can get a few balls to his deep threat Stevie Johnson, they should scare the Chiefs a bit, but Jamaal Charles and Co. should be able to hold off the Bills here.

Take the Bills and the Over.  Final Score:  Chiefs 27, Bills 24.

Lions @ Buccaneers Sunday 1:00 pm on Fox.  Bucs are 2 point favorites, O/U is 41½ points.  Lions are a good team that will only get better with time.  There are loads of weapons on offense with WR’s Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson  and tight end Brandon Pettigrew getting the ball from the talented Matt Stafford, this team can and will score points.  Tampa has some weapons of their own, and being at home should provide them enough cushion to get themselves a win here.

Take the Bucs and the Over.  Final Score:  Bucs 38, Lions 31.

Eagles @ Rams  Sunday 1:00 pm on Fox.   Eagles are 5 point favorites, O/U is 44 points.  No matter how you slice it, the Eagles are one of the better teams in football right now.  Rams are an improving team with some potent weapons, but they just won’t have enough.

Take the Eagles and the Under.  Final Score: Eagles 27, Rams 13.

Titans @ Jaguars Sunday 1:00 pm on CBS.   Jaguars are 2 point favorites, O/U is 37 points.  With the surprise move the Jags made, cutting David Garrard and naming Luke McCown the QB in an effort to shake things up in Jagland, I’m guessing that they will stumble out of the gate.  The Titans are more talented, they have a veteran at the helm in Matt Hasselback, and Chris Johnson in the backfield, they should walk all over the Jags here in a laugher.

Take the Titans and the Over.  Final Score: Titans 30, Jaguars 14.

Colts @ Texans  Sunday 1:00 pm on CBS.  Texans are 9 point favorites, O/U is 43½ points.  With Peyton out for the foreseeable future, the Colts have put the offense in the hands of Kerry Collins.  Good luck, Kerry is all I have to say.  He has a TON of talent to throw the ball to, and a running back that knows how to handle the rock.  The Texans have a load of talent of their own, and RB Arian Foster, the best running back in the league is going to run the Colts over here, and he’ll be the difference.

Take the Colts and the Over.  Final Score:  Texans 42, Colts 38.

Steelers @ Ravens  Sunday 1:00 pm  on CBS.  Ravens are 2½ point favorites, O/U is 36 points. Joe Flacco has not had a lot of success against this Steelers team, and Roethlisberger has been good enough to beat them 7 times in a row when he has started against them.  Rashard Mendenhall has scored 2 touchdowns in each of his last 2 meetings against the Ravens, including last years divisional win against them.  The Ravens will play them tough, but Roethlisberger will continue his personal winning streak against them.

Take the Steelers and the Over.  Final Score:  Steelers 24, Ravens 21.

Panthers @ Cardinals  Sunday 4:15 pm on Fox.  Cardinals are 7 point favorites, O/U is 37 points.  Cardinals have a modicum of talent. The Panthers?  Not so much.  Not to say Steve Smith isn’t talented, but if a wide receiver has a crap QB throwing him the ball, it limits his effectiveness.  And Cam Newton may well someday be a great QB, but anyone expecting that week one is sadly mistaken.

Take the Cards and the Under.  Final Score:  Cardinals 24, Panthers 10.

Vikings @ Chargers  Sunday 4:15 pm on Fox.  Chargers are 8½ point favorites, O/U is 42 points.  Adrian Peterson can only do so much.  But with Donovan McNabb out to prove he is not washed up after washing out in DC, and with Harvin, Berrian and Schiancoe out there pass catching for him, he should be able to find some success on the road in San Diego.  I think this one has all the earmarks of a potential upset.

Take the Vikings and the Over.  Final Score:  Vikings 31, Chargers 28.

Seahawks @ 49ers Sunday 4:15 pm on Fox.  49ers are 5½ point favorites, O/U is 38 points.  If the Seahawks had anyone else at QB but Tavaris Jackson, I would be thinking that they would walk away with a relatively easy win here.  But Tavaris Jackson is starting at QB for the ‘Hawks.  And looking at the ‘Niners, they do have some talent on offense.  If that O line holds in front of QB Alex Smith, he should be able to get a win here against the ‘Hawks.

Take the 49ers and the Over.  Final Score:  49ers 27, Seahawks 20.

Giants @ Redskins  Sunday 4:15 pm on Fox.  Giants are 3 point favorites, O/U is 39 points.  These divisional matchups are always tough smash mouth games, always hard fought, even during the lean times.  This Giants team thinks it is good, and Eli Manning thinks he is in the same class of QB as Tom Brady.  It’s called confidence, but it’s unwarranted confidence until he can prove that he  is that good.  And with his turnover issues, he has much to prove.  He’ll play well here against this less than stellar Redskins team, and the Giants should roll here.

Take the Giants and the Over.  Final Score: Giants 34, Redskins 17.

Cowboys @ Jets  Sunday 8:20 pm on NBC.  Jets are 4½ points favorites, O/U is 40½ points.  This Jets team has been to back to back AFC Championships.  The defense is very strong, and the offense is no slouch either.  But they are not as strong this year than they were the previous two years.  The loss of Shaun Ellis will loom large, and the Edwards/Cotchery combo are more or less equal to the Burress/Mason combo.  And the Cowboys ain’t no joke.

Take the Cowboys and the Under.  Final Score: Cowboys 21, Jets 16.

Patriots @ Dolphins  Monday 7:00pm on ESPN.  Patriots are 7 point favorites, O/U is 45½ points.  The Patriots are the class of the AFC East.  The Dolphins are… not.  But with Marshall and Bess to throw to, and Bush running the ball, Chad Henne should have ample opportunity to score points on the Pats.  The only issue with that is that the Pats offense should easily outdo anything the Fins do out there.  Brady should have a field day here.

Take the Pats and the Over.  Final Score:  Patriots 42, Dolphins 28.

Raiders @ Broncos Monday 10:15 pm on ESPN.  Broncos are 3 point favorites, O/U is 40½ points.  The Broncos are an entirely overrated team.  The Raiders are bluntly stated not.  Jason Campbell is a good QB, and he has a young, fast, strong receiving core and a great running back in Darren McFadden.  Knowshon Moreno is a good RB, but not in the same class of RB as McFadden.  And the Raiders have a much better D than the Broncos.  That’ll be the difference.

Take the Raiders and the Over.  Final Score:  Raiders 36, Broncos 20.


That’s about it from here, America.  G’night!


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