An Opinion

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 quickly coming on the horizon, terrorism is much on the minds of Americans.  Which means fear, the fear of terrorists is much on the minds of Americans.  Fear that is played on by anyone who could potentially get something they want out of us by using it to their advantage.

Reading that two of the terrorists who may be planning to attack either New York or Washington might be American members of Al-Qaeda, or people who were either born or raised here who are members.  Something like that.  Not that it off hand matters where they are from. Why would it?  Does it help us in nabbing the suspects?  And when I mean us I mean US, as in not homeland security or the ODNI.  To my knowledge these two monstrosities of bureaucratic bullshit have not caught a single terrorist.  They are, from what I can tell, more interested in surveilling American citizens.

I could be wrong about that, but I’d need to see verifiable proof.

I am not going to sweat terrorists coming to America to kill us.  Let them talk about it,  it’s all that ever happens.  What it does is scare the shit out of the pussies, drive the maniacs into a froth, makes the angry conspiracy theorists creative and insane, thus alerting the citizenry of the whereabouts of each of these abnormal humans in our midst.

“But they could get us mike!”

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  They really are dangerous, but you know what? Life is inherently dangerous.  Guns kill 29,000 people a year in the United States.  Alcohol kills 85,000 people a year here.  Smoking kills 435,000 people a year. And to my knowledge there are no immortals here.  We have no immortal part.

We are all human.  We all die.

Living in fear of some nefarious enemy that is just out of reach is a great way to not live our lives, as living in fear is not living, it is subsisting, it is a barren life.  And I for one will not have it.

Security is for the insecure.

I would rather live a fear free life and die sooner than live a long life afraid for my life because of listening to someone telling me that some terrorist may strike. Fear might extend your life, but it will shrink the goodness in it.

It’ll be a cold day in Aruba before I give a damn about press reports about some reported “threat”.   Frankly I’m far more concerned about Americans being surveilled by Americans for their own good than I am the threat of terrorists. Hell, I’m more concerned about the Giants beating the Redskins on Sunday than I am about some jackass with a grenade up his ass blowing himself up for Allah, or whatever they blow themselves up for.

… grenade up his ass…  lulz.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


One thought on “An Opinion

  1. … a little disjointed on my part here. I’ll try to tighten the concepts from here up on the 9/11 post. Tomorrow I think I go sports again.

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