Lacey, The Speech, and The Chinless One

I find the oddest stuff while reading the news.  Looking for source material for writing an article about the Presidents speech tonight, I rolled across a story about John Boehner bringing with him to the speech one Henry Juszkiewicz, President of Gibson Guitars.  Initially I’m thinking “Ya know, that is pretty f****** cool of him to do that.”  I like Gibson guitars, I used to play them all the time, back when I was starting up.  OK they weren’t real Gibsons, I used to get the cheap Korean knock-offs, but Gibby’s are great guitars.

I read that the company was apparently hard done by.  By the justice department.  I read that and add the name Boehner, and begin to think there is something not right here.

The Gibson guitar company has apparently broken the law using illegal wood, from Madagascar.  They got Ebony from apparently illegal logging in Madagascar, and it seems they did the same thing with some type of wood from India.  And since the crimes are felonies, the man who runs the company is liable and could see prison time.

There is also some anger about the enforcement of Lacey act, the conservation law which Gibson is alleged to have violated. And that is why John Boehner brought him.  Seems that John, and a number of other people think that the law’s enforcement is improper for several reasons.  The main one being that Americans can be harassed (a term I find odd in this particular case) for breaking the laws of other nations.

Odd for the Lacey act is an American law.


To jump off of politics for a second.  I said the Saints may well go 0-3 to start the season.  One third of the way there.  Packers win 42-34.  And that pass interference call as time expired was bullshit.  A.J. Hawk went over the top on Sproles, didn’t interfere with him at all.

Stoopid ref.


As for the speech itself?  I liked it, what I saw of it.  To be honest I was a wee bit tired, and missed the last 10 minutes or so of it.  The Pass my bill now thing sounded funny coming out of the Presidents mouth, made him sound like a used car salesman.  The only reason I won’t further make fun of that bit is that it seems the man has to hawk his wares to the American people. Sounds like a stimulus package.

And I have no problem with that.

We need it, and anyone arguing against a second stimulus had better bring better reasons than that weak ass “it’ll grow government” bullshit.  Government has to grow to meet the needs of the people, government that shrinks cannot serve the people it is meant to serve.  And if government cannot meet it’s main objective of service to the people, one of two things are wrong.  Either the government is serving the people in the wrong way, or the people are wrong in their thoughts on what government can and/or should do.  Both can and do happen.

Stimulus, which will do much to cure what ails this fine nation, has me thinking that opponents of it belong in the second category.  But that’s just me.


Read a funny thing about Mitch McConnell, the chinless one.  He said this speech “isn’t a jobs speech, it’s a re-election plan.’

A few things.

First off Mitch, when the speech references jobs, has job creation as it’s main point,  and puts ½ a billion dollars out there to create jobs, then that would make it a JOBS SPEECH.

Stooopid Mitch.

Second, we Americans understand why you think that., because you, Mitch,  have stated that you’re agenda is to make sure the President doesn’t get a second term.  Therefore, anything that would increase his chances of getting re-elected would look like a re-election plan, because it makes it harder for you to meet your goal, which is a one term presidency for Barack Obama.

But Mitchy-Poo doesn’t get that, he has an agenda, and that agenda has nothing to do with the betterment of the American people.  If it did, you’d hear more constructive dialogue about jobs from him.

…And ya know, even if it IS nothing more than a re-election plan, If it helps me get a full time permanent job, I’m all for it.   A re-election plan that gets me a job is one I can get behind.  I’m pretty sure a lot of other people feel much the same way.

Nothing wrong with making money, and if the prez gets people working again, then all else is moot, it doesn’t matter.


That’s it for me, America. G’night


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