Pedantic Equivocation

Pedantic equivocation follows.  Read at your peril.


Sometimes my heart beats too fast, but I don’t really mind.  It’s usually when I’m running or exercising, or other such similar hard work.  Hard work is what life is made of, so it is supposed to beat too fast sometimes.  If it doesn’t you are doing something wrong.

Sometimes it beats slowly.  Sometimes I think it’s beating too fast when it isn’t. Sometimes I just don’t think about it.  When it’s moving too fast for my liking I can control it by controlling my breathing.

Sometimes I get exceedingly angry about politics and business.  Being unemployed, it is of the utmost importance to me that people in those two communities get along.  They rarely do, and when they do, it is rarely good for the poor, like me, in this country.  Sometimes that makes my heart race.  Lucky for me I know that breathing exercise or else I would have probably exploded by now.

Sometimes I realize that I don’t know everything.  That is something that I think most people have a real problem with.  They think about a subject, and because they think about it, and have an opinion, they think those thoughts are of value.  Not every opinion is valid.  Some are much more well thought out and knowledgeable.

I have issues with this as well.

Despite not being an economist, I think much on things that have economics as a base, or as part of the thought process.  Hence when I speak on a subject like the economy I speak with a great deal of fire, despite a considerable lack of actual knowledge on the subject.  I think most other people do this as well.  Few are the people I’ve met who don’t have an opinion on subjects which fall far beyond the purview of their actual knowledge base.

They speak to their wants and desires, and use those instead of actual knowledge.  This type of thinking helps us all make ridiculously bad decisions on a great many subjects.

I try to learn though, to make up for the long yawning gap in my knowledge, so that I can in some way help myself understand why things happen the way they do.

And that attempt has lead to the following thought.  I have a reason for why the world is the way it is.  And it is remarkably simple.

We are dumber than we appear to ourselves to be, and arrogant enough to not want to see it that we can pretend that we know more than we do.  We aspire to knowledge, but generally fall far short of it, and use opinion to make up the shortfall.  Ya, tis a wee bit of a generalization that may fall short of a real answer to the worlds problems, but it’s my view of the world, and maybe just a bit of a view of myself as well.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when I fly by the seat of my pants, pick a portion of a  sentence ( in this case “Sometimes my heart beats too fast”) and see where it leads.   It’s a simple writing exercise, and frankly, I’m not sure I like the results.  I will follow the trail of that particular thought at some point, but not tomorrow.  Tomorrow I write about sports.  It’s easier, and leads to less consternation about my writing and cognitive skills, or lack thereof.  🙂


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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