August 2011 Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the content from August 2011′s Random Thoughts.  Enjoy!


On August 1st, I was busy.  The market was not good, but I was working, and it didn’t seem to matter.  I knew I only had a few days left in my temp assignment, but the work kept me focused on that, couldn’t afford to look at the market with any real concentration.

On August 2nd, I was busy.  The market was not good, but I was working, and I was too busy to take much interest in it.  The ax falls tomorrow, I thought, but I focused on the work, because that is the way it must be done, and thought about what happens after I am done with my last day of work on Wednesday.

On August 3rd, yesterday, I was busy.  The market was not good, but it being my last day at the temp assignment, I had to focus elsewhere.  The job ended, and I thought of what the future held for me, and I hoped things would be OK tomorrow.

On August 4th, today, I was not busy.  The DJIA dropped over 500 points, and the S&P lost over 4% on the day.  The first day I have no work, the first day I am back, in earnest, on the unemployment line, and the market falls apart.  Won’t call it a crash.  It isn’t one, but it’s a damn mess.  (8/4)


And then the S&P decided just after the end of business Friday to downgrade America’s credit from AAA to AA+.   Joy.  This is going to create a mess.  People won’t see that it says things that everyone already knows, they’ll see AMERICAN CREDIT DOWNGRADE, and sell like crazy come Monday.  (8/5)


And I was right.   Market dropped over 600 points on Monday after losing over 500 points on Thursday.  Almost 10% loss over 2 days of trading.  I think it is still a bit premature to call this a crash at this point, but I think we dinged a fender and busted a headlight at the very least.  And the S&P already took points off of our license.  Just friggin great.  (8/8)


Anagram:  Happy Birthday to me/ Tomb Had Teary Hippy/ Thy Hippy Dreamboat/ Phat Mopey Birthday/ I Bet A-Rod?  Happy Myth/My Hippo Had Battery/Happy Daytime Throb/ Pity My Bad Path, Hero (8/9)


44 years ago today, at 15 minutes after midnight, I was born.  This has caused a major amount of trouble throughout the world, including political instability, global climate change, and may have had a hand in the current economic crisis, and the Toronto Maple Leafs not winning the Stanley Cup since the day I was born.

When in danger or in doubt, BLAME ME:)  (8/10)


Father was in the hospital for a few days.  He’s back out, doing better.  Does my heart good to be able to write that.  (8/12)


I got blisters on my fingers!  Well, my hands at any rate.  Turning a screwdriver inexpertly yesterday, driving in 4 inch nails into 2×4′s’ll do that.  It was for a good cause though, so I won’t complain.  An aunt needed work done on her deck, and I said i’d do it.  The screw gun had no oomph to it, not enough of a charge i guess, so I had to screw’em in by hand.  Good workout, hard work in the noon day sun.  It was worth it that way, real gut-buster of a sweat.  My hands’ll be fine, so I ain’t concerned. It’ll take some adjusting to an altered grip on silverware and the like, at least for the few days before these things heal.  No worries.  (8/13)


I’ve been running my ass off lately.  Makes sitting down on this very much un-cushioned chair a helluva chore, I’ll tell ya that.  Seriously though, this is about the best running distance wise that I’ve done since I started running back in 2002.  It’s quite possible that I could get in a second 200+ mile month running, which would be absolutely beautiful.  (8/14)


Michelle Bachmann won the Ames straw poll in Iowa. Good for her.  T-Paw finished a distant third.  He has scheduled a conference call for tomorrow.  I want to listen to that conference call live tomorrow, maybe they’ll announce he’s stepping out of the race.  (8/14)


I have quit using facebook, short term at least.  I decided that I’ve had enough of the game-play on there.  It’s all I went there for, and I was doing it a lot.  The best way to deal with it is just to walk away. I realized I needed to do this after getting ready to go to sleep yesterday.  I was about to go snooze, when I realized I had stuff going on my farm that needed to be worked on.  I went to turn on the computer to go work on my farmville crops.  I stopped right there and said “What the hell is this bullshit???  Am I gonna let some stupid fucking game control my life so much that it’ll pull me from bed to work on this crap?  SRSLY?”

Screw Facebook, screw Zynga, I don’t need that crap. (8/15)


It took a while today, but I managed to find a few places to send resumes to.  Sent out five again today, after sending out five yesterday.  One of them was kind of questionable as far as my qualifications are concerned, I dunno if I can do live out housekeeping.  The rest of it I can do, the rest of it I am qualified for.  Now I wait for phone calls from them, and look more in the meanwhile. (8/16)


I’ve been a busy guy the last few days, and things look to get busier in the short term.  After working on a number of projects over the last few days, I got a phone call today.  From the people I temped with over at Brunschwig and Fils.  They want me to come back and work for a bit more withe them, the amount of time this will last is uncertain, but It looks to be at least a few more weeks.  Consolidation of a showroom floor, moving a boatload of glassware and the like, apparently.  A lot of what they have is mirrors, chandeliers and other glasswork.  This isn’t gonna be easy, breakable stuff makes for hairy moments.  (8/19)


The wife is out for the weekend here at Das Rhino Hacienda.  The agenda for the weekend?  Cleaning, running, and sleeping.  I am the least exciting person on earth, and I don’t mind.  (8/20)


Anagram:  Rhinoceros/ Rich Sooner/ Or No Riches/ Nor Echo, Sir/ Hi Scorer On/ His Coroner/ I Scorn Hero/ Snore Choir (8/21)


Easy day in comparison to what I was thinking I was going to run into at the temp gig at Brunschwig.  Just dealing with garbage and sorting and sifting through all the various detritus that builds up in an office after you’ve been there for the better part of half a century or some such.  No worries, just lots and lots of sweating and grunting.  (8/22)


Where did the Month go?  It went thataway ——————>  (8/31)


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