There Be No Justice Here

Operation Fast and Furious

If you read a basic overview of the operation, you could see something was going to go wrong with it.  The ATF would knowingly sell and track weapons to people who they knew were working for Mexican drug cartels in order to make a better case against those drug cartels.

I’m sure you can see what is wrong with this, without me adding any more information.  You are giving guns to drug cartels and letting them walk with them.  I believe the correct word for that is insane.  These weapons are traceable, and 150 people were shot in Mexico with weapons knowingly sold to drug cartels so a better case could be built.  The operation was stopped, after a US border agent was killed in the line of duty, as 2 of the weapons found at the scene of the shooting were weapons from said operation.

One has to wonder about the wisdom of this.  About the sanity of the people who planned this, as a part of a program that was supposedly set up to STOP weapons from going across the border to the drug cartels.  The words incredible incompetence come to mind.

The reason this is even coming up is that Kenneth Melson,the acting head of the ATF, who became head of the ATF in 2009, has made a lateral move to the Justice Dept, or has been moved out of the ATF depending on who is doing the reporting.  Melson stated in congressional testimony that mistakes have been made in this operation. Even if he didn’t have a hand in the creation of that operation, he was at the very least there for the vast majority of it’s implementation, which makes him  responsible for it.

150 people shot in Mexico, how many died is unknown.  A border agent killed, weapons found at the scene from this operation.  Even if everything else this man did was both legitimate and well thought out and executed, this is a debacle worthy of derision, anger, and all the fault finding that Hard working Americans can heap upon stupidity in high places.

BTW, 1400 guns from that operation are still out there in Mexico and possibly the United States in the hands of members of Meican drug gangs, still a threat to US border agents, Mexican and American police, and random strangers in both nations.


Dick Cheney wrote a fantasy book.  This is a surprise?  His whole life has been lived in fantasy land, and never has been grounded in anything that even remotely resembles reality.  Plus we all know the former veep lives up to that first name of his.


The inevitable hypocrisy, which is associated with the all the collective activities of the human race, springs chiefly from this source: that individuals have a moral code with make the actions of collective man an outrage to their conscious. They therefore invent romantic and moral interpretations of the real facts, preferring to obscure rather than reveal the true character of their collective behavior.

Reinhold Niebuhr


Sotheby’s art handlers are still locked out, still unable to do their jobs.  With the fall season set to begin in a week, one wonders how soon Sotheby’s will feel the pinch of having non-experienced personnel handling multi-million dollar works of art and fragile pieces of 1500 year old indian religious statuary.  I think the numb-nut lawyers will be more than willing to play hardball, but when things start to break, as they most certainly will, things will change.

Should be fun to watch too, as the first exhibition coming up is Chinese ceramics.  That stuff is fragile. The sound of Chinese ceramics breaking should be enough to bring Sotheby’s and their trained dogs to their senses.

Stop the war on workers!


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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