Now I can say I’m an Earthquake Survivor…

The ground apparently shook today.  I think my wife and I were about the only people in all of New York who did not feel it.  I was watching facebook to see who would say what, and I was frankly surprised that so many people actually felt it.  I was here on the Island, and there were people out there who are fairly close to me who said it shook their houses and moved their furniture and the like.

Guess the earthquake missed Castleton corners.  Either that or I was busy downloading music onto my computer so I could put it on “ye olde Ipod”, and missed it that way, too busy figuring out what cd to put on next.  I think I was tossing Metallica on at that point, I could be wrong.


But then again I am surprised that people reacted to it the way they did.  Everyone was freaked out.  The one that happened in Virginia was a 5.8, but around here it felt like the equivalent of a 2 or a 3.  If your house can’t take a 3.0 richter scale earthquake, you’re fucked if a real one shows up.

Best line I heard about the quake.  “Now I can say I’m an earthquake survivor.”  lulz.  Good line, Rahson.



Best story about the east coast “quake” :  Jaded west coast chuckles over east coast quake.  It does seem kind of silly, to me at least, that this is as big a story as it is.  I thought almost immediately that the coverage of it was overblown.  The most lasting image I have from it is one reporter walking around, kind of bemused, that people weren’t more alarmed, or shocked than they were in New York after the fact.

Srsly?  It was a 5.9 earthquake that happened over 200 miles away.  Were we supposed to cry like Nancv Kerrigan after she got knee-capped by what’s her face.. Harding’s bodyguard because of it? Please.  The press coverage was an absolute joke.  Made everyone involved look bad.  First off, where were the camera crews heading down to the epicenter of the quake?  I didn’t see one ounce of coverage of the people affected in Virginia.

All we saw was coverage of New York City, where the total amount of damage was exactly nil.  No wait, that’s not true.  A few bricks fell from a clearly weakened chimney at a tenement somewhere in Queens, NY.

There was a  little bit of damage nearer to DC.  The national cathedral lost a piece of a spire or two, a few buildings in the area lost chimney’s, and one building collapsed on some cars near to the epicenter, with none killed or hurt, and the quake did force a shutdown of a Nuclear power plant.

But most of the coverage was focused on DC and NYC, and it was truly bad.  I had to wait hours to hear that there was even any damage near the epicenter.  The Nuke plants shutdown got minor coverage, and I only just found out about that building collapse.

I had to turn it off, I just could not watch.  News as entertainment sometimes really is entertaining, even funny in a blisteringly stupid way, but this was just bad, not informative, not well put together, and not even entertaining, and it covered a non story like it was the most important thing since 9/11.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


2 thoughts on “Now I can say I’m an Earthquake Survivor…

  1. You’re right, Mike, it was pretty small potatoes around here: I’ve been in worse sitting right here in the same spot. I posted on FB because earthquakes aren’t exactly everyday occurrences in this neck of the woods, even though it is known to be an “earthquake zone”, but I described it as “small”; was surprised to hear that it was a 5.8er. As you say, though, here (and presumably on Long Island) on the periphery it was considerably diminished. Amazing that it pre-empted TV news-channel coverage of the historic events in Libya! Where are their priorities?

  2. Well Mike, that was spoken like a True Californian. LOL 😀 Great story and great points made as well. I DO understand that the East Coast doesn’t get earthquakes as a general rule, and even to this dyed-in-the-wool Cali girl they are certainly un-nerving the bigger they are. BUT, I had to laugh at a v-blogger’s YouTube vid going around his house showing all the ‘damage’ done: a plant fell off a table, and his room was ‘such a mess!’ It looked like my house when I don’t put stuff away. OMG there were 4 things on the entire floor?!?! And it was such a ‘mess’ to clean up! Oy.Vey.
    Is it scary when the ground/house/building shakes? Damn straight. But honestly people, take a deep breath and relax. If you want something to worry about, wait for hurricane Irene. Now THAT’S gonna be some news. (And for the record: I would probably flip out in a hurricane/tornado like a lot of people in vids I saw today. LOL)

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