Thoughts on a Rainy Sunday Night

From the Unemployment line to barely employed.  Better than nothing, but not by much.

Back to the grind tomorrow.  Not that I mind grinding, not this type of grinding anyway.  It doesn’t pay enough, but I have little choice.  I want to work, and temping again at Brunschwig and Fils is better than nothing, and it fills time until I get a full time gig somewhere.  I am walking into this situation knowing less about the assignment than I did the last time I worked there.  I know that the guy Tim I spoke to said something about “consolidation of the showroom”  which could mean a hundred different things.

The things I saw there in that showroom were at once easy to move, because they are relatively light, and a hairy zarking nuisance, because a lot of it is glass.  Mirrors, lots of them, and chandeleirs easily 30 or 40 pairs of them, each with a number of pieces of glass with them, and each one worth thousands of dollars.  I’ve worked with these things before, and I have to tell you, they are no fun, and the people over at Brunschwig do not have the equipment necessary to unload, take down and pack this stuff.

Trust me on that last bit, I was there before, and they don’t.  Doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it does mean that there is a fair to middlin chance that there will be breakage due to not having the proper equipment to do the job.  I’ll do what I can to keep the damage to zero, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to keep there.  I cannot guarantee the actions of others won’t jeopardize the pieces.

Still, it’s work, and a bad job is better than no job at all, and it’ll be a challenge


Sarah Palin may run for President.

In other news, Americans are sneaking cheese across the border to Canada.  Seriously. Cheese was as big a story on Google as Sarah Palin.  Nice. I’d vote for the mozzarella myself.


Viddy of the day: Rebels enter Tripoli as Gaddafi urges Libyans to take up arms


In news that has nothing to do with work or cheese, Khaddafi looks done.

The story is that the rebels have entered the capital of Libya, and are moving in on the city centre.  Two of Khaddafi’s sons have been captured.  The “life after Khaddafi” celebration seems to have already begun.

I for one expect the following to happen.

Khaddafi is ousted, probably before beginning of business Monday.

The people of Libya celebrate.

The freedom loving people of the world celebrate.

The stock market decides to crap on the party, making oil futures explode, while dropping the stock market further on a slide it has been on for a while now.

Just a stab in the dark.  I could be wrong.


Pic of the day:  A chandelier at the Linderhof palace in southwest Bavaria.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

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